alternative healing arts seminars

Mystic Pamela Jackson is a trained and an experienced healer in the alternative healing arts. She is a Spiritual Coach and Facilitator of these healing modalities. Pamela brings in programs and mentorship for those that seek that additional support and guidance from a coaching prospective and facilitates practitioner courses in ThetaHealing®, Access Consciousness® and Reiki energy healing. Below you will find her current schedule.

Thetahealing is an amazing meditation technique created by Vianna Stibel to help us obtain a connection to source, creator of all that is. 

By taking the classes she has laid out for us you will begin your spiritual journey and growth into your own spiritual grifts. 

Thetahealing will take you on a journey of releasing, healing and resolving beliefs and old wounds as you take each seminar. 

You will be amazed how thetahealing will help your emotional life and well being which may result in incredible results in your life. 

Access bars is the creation of Gary Douglas and co-creator Dr. Dain Heer. 

Access consciousness brings us many valuable and useful tools to navigate this crazy world we live in, especially those who are highly sensitive. 

These are the  tools which brought Pam to access and then she would discover even more through all the bars and body processes she has attended and been trained in as a facilitator of Access Bars® . 

Taking a Reiki class you will receive the attunements that have been passed down from teacher to student since Mrs. Takata brought it to California, USA in 1938.  

Reiki brings us tools and techniques for self-healing, distant healing and awakening of our psychic and your spiritual gifts. 

Pamela offers private sessions and private or group classes. Reiki has been an amazing part of her journey to become a healer, teacher and coach. 

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