Reiki Dallas schedule

Reiki is a Natural Healing Method. Reiki is an Universal Healing Technique and it is a form of hands on healing. By practicing the principles of Reiki you will regain your natural abilities to heal yourself and others and the knowledge you require to lead a happier more fulfilling life. 

Join me as I continue to share my Reiki lineage with others that are looking for peace, healing and knowledge as I was just a few short years ago. 

It is said when the student is ready the teacher will appear!

You are taking a giant step that is going to lead to many positive changes in your life. 

Our current Reiki class schedule is listed below. We hope to see you soon. Namaste! 

Reiki Level 1
Sunday April 21 (10-3) 
Saturday May 11 (10-3) 
Fee: $197

Reiki Level 2 
                                   Saturday June 2, 2019 (10-3)                                            Fee: $215 
Reiki Level 3
Sunday July 28, 2019 (10-4)
Fee: $350

Reiki Group Share
Sunday May 5, 2019 (1pm-3pm)


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