12-Week Spiritual Self-Mastery Program

Are you trying to figure out how to improve both your life and the lives of others? Are you interested in finding out how to access your spiritual health and use it to improve your life? If so, this new 12-week program for spiritual self mastery could be the best option for you. 

This curriculum provides an in-depth program which in includes:

Private Sessions

Group Webinars 

Private Facebook Groups

Online Certification Classes

Books, and Workbooks

and much more

Through our program, you will discover effective techniques for locating and removing any obstacles standing in the way of living your best life. Additionally, you will learn techniques that will enable you to access your intuition and apply it to build an abundant life. 

You can develop a strong bond with both yourself and the people and things around you with the aid of the 12-week Spiritual Self-Mastery Program. With the help of our program, you will guided through a variety of exercises, including journaling, visioning, and meditations, that will enable you to realize your full potential and lead the life you deserve.

Since the road to spiritual self-mastery can be difficult, we offer a network of tools and support to aid you in your travels.

Our program is made to be adaptable and may be customized to meet your specific needs. Everyone, in our opinion, is capable of realizing their full spiritual potential. So why not embark with Pam and others on this adventure of discovery and change? You can discover how to improve yourself and have an abundant and satisfying life with the aid of our 12-week Spiritual Self-Mastery Program.

Classes Begin March 24

Class Schedule

March 24-26 | Basic DNA

April 6-8 | Advanced DNA

April 21-22 | Dig Deeper

May 5-6 | You and God

May 19-20 | Manifesting and Abundance

June 2-3 | You and Your Inner Circle

Weeknights 6pm – Weekends 10am CT

Webinar Schedule

Saturday | April 1

Friday | April 14

Saturday | April 29

Saturday | May 13

Friday | May 26

Saturday | June 10

Weeknights 6pm – Weekends 10am CT

Personal Sessions

Personal Sessions and Unlimited Support

As we advance through the program, spanning over the 12-week period, schedule your 3 personal sessions when it is convenient for you.

If you need assistance or direction, text Pam for a prompt response.


Private Facebook Group for Continue Support

Books and Workbooks by Pam Jackson

Youtube Recordings

Webinar and Recordings

Unlimited Email and Text Support

Thetahealing Books and/or Workbooks by Vianna Stibal for each class

Thetahealing Certifications Upon Completion

Your Spiritual Coach and Instructor

Welcome, everyone! I am excited to announce the launch of my 12-Week Spiritual Self-Mastery Program.

This program is designed to help you discover your true potential and create lasting transformation in your life. Through this program, I will provide you with the tools and guidance to navigate through any stumbling blocks and develop a positive mindset.

I believe that everyone is capable of achieving their dreams and aspirations and I am here to help you do just that. This program will provide you with the opportunity to explore your true purpose, set and achieve your goals, and create an empowered inner-self.

I am passionate about helping others to open their hearts and minds to create positive change and I am dedicated to providing you with the best possible program. With my guidance, I am confident that you will be able to achieve your goals and experience the transformation that you have been seeking. This 12-week program is open to anyone who is ready to take a leap of faith and start living their best life. I look forward to walking alongside you on this journey of self-discovery and transformation.

With Love and Gratitude,

Pam Jackson

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Basic DNA

12-Week Spiritual Self-Mastery Program

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