Healing the Mind, Body & Soul

The Power of Forgiveness

Find Freedom from Your Past – Forgiveness is the Key to Moving Forward

That lack of forgiveness has a large impact on a person’s ability to manifest their desires.

When a person can’t forgive they are actually hanging onto a lot of baggage, clutter and he/she has to remember why he can’t not forgive this person for whatever reason. Not forgiving and not letting go takes a lot of energy and resentment and it is negative and counter productive.

You cannot gain anything by not forgiving. As you continue to hold onto grudges it actually weakens you. When you have a long-standing grudge your mind begins to dwell on that anger and resentment and you feel like the world is injustice. You feel the world is out to get you and nothing is fair and the world is just evil place. You begin to feel and believe you are a victim and no justice will ever take place.

Forgiving those nativities and complications, will free you from bondage and resentment and allows you to heal. We do not realize that forgiveness is easy to do and in fact it is as easy as breathing.

Most people associate forgiveness as weakness & uncertainty, and even gives that other person permission to dump on them even more. But who is really is being harmed on a daily basis when you hold onto forgiveness?

You also have to forgive yourself. If you have feelings of guilt, anger or even sadness it is a sign that you have unresolved issues for yourself. It is a roadblock that only you can tear down and remove. If you don’t forgive yourself for past mistakes or misdeeds you will never feel you deserve more than what you have.

It is judgment of other people and their action that ignites anger and indignation. If you want to forgive someone, you will have to release your judgment. Forgiveness will become easier once you release and you let go of your personal judgment. Once you let go of your personal judgment you will find that forgiveness will be much easier to obtain.

With the Law of Attraction the Universe obeys to what is happening now and what you are planning for in the future. So holding on to the past is not necessary to create your future and by holding onto the past you are just wasting a lot of energy about something you can not change in the now or in the future.

So you have to forgive yourself and anything else you are holding onto and let go of all judgments. By letting go of anger and resentment you can begin to have happier and more positive thoughts and emotions.

Copywriter Pamela Jackson 2015. All Rights Reserved

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