Bronzite Crystals for Psychic Protection


Bronzite, one of my favorite tumbled crystals that I have found that helps me as a claircognizance and clairsentience spiritual energy healer. When you hold this crystal you will notice that it is a lovely chocolate brown with golden sparkle crystals in it.

Hold it in your hand and close your eyes and what do you feel or notice?

I and many others feels warmth, a layer of silky smooth protection begins to cover our hands and then it moves and covers us completely. This gives us a feeling of security and protection. I found this amazing and cheap crystal when I was being psychically attacked and needed protection.

Bronzite works well for the base and sacral chakras. It is also a great stone for Leos. It has many healing benefits such as helping you feel more centered and grounded, restore harmony and self confidence.  It is also known as a stone of Focused Action. I think you will love this one and you can wear it on you, put in your wallet, crystal grids or under your pillow.

You can easily find this crystal for a $1-$2 for a nice size piece, it is also safe to order online as it is easy to find. You can find links to my favorite shops on my website.


Clairsentience, which means clear sensing, is the ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of others, without the use of the normal five senses. Psychics who are clairsentient are able to retrieve information from houses, public buildings and outside areas.

Claircognizance, which means clear knowing, is a sense where you know something to be correct but may be unable to back up your statement with fact or how you came into that information.

Mystic Pam Jackson

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