Shamanic Energy Work

Susan_Seddon_Boulet_Shaman_Spider_WomanI remember my mothers stories of her journeys in her sleep. I have been told to stop visiting certain people during my sleep and my oldest son has OBE. This seems to be a gift within our family and I can recall the last time someone mentioned to me that I was in fact shaman. I laughed and moved on.

Well here we are, years later and my practice does have a shaman overtone to them. My overtones of shamanism has not come from any class or expensive fees to attend an event far away but it just evolved. I thought I was playing cool with the rest of the world, faking like I was like everyone else.What I discovered was that once I stopped hiding who I really was and my knowledge no one thought I was any different or more weird or stranger than I was before. It seems I have always been weird and had strange beliefs and knowledge that no one could ever explain,

I found this article on New Beginnings blog by Edith Boyer-Telmer and thought others might be where I was many years ago or may be interested in shaman or healing work. I highly suggest you do, you life will forever be changed and you will be transformed. ~Mystic Pam Jackson

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