How do I do this?

I am often asked, How do you do that or from people I have known for a long time they will ask, when did you start doing this? I usually start off by telling them that my mother was psychic and she had many gifts. I even noticed at a young age that I was different than most and knew and saw things that others did not. The only thing was I didn’t want to be like her in any way and since this was like her I would and could shut it off and I did until she passed away in 2006.

But when did it all start?

It all started after my father had died after my mother had passed away four years earlier but it was his death that sent me over the edge. I went down that dark rabbit hole which I have been there before but this time I could not seem to pull myself out. Robert, my husband tired everything he could think of but I still didn’t want to be here. I was done! Life threw me under the bus and next thing I knew our home was in foreclosure and I was laid off from my corporate executive job due to my grief and the spiral continued.

I had that moment, that come to Jesus moment! I got down on my knees and I begged god to help me, to listen to me and to heal me. Then the doors and teachers began to appear. Yes, Just like that!

So here I am, it’s 2011 and my spiritual journey began and in the process I decided to teach what I was learning to others and bring in some knowledge and power around all this spiritual, woo stuff.

I than began to see, witness and experience strange and interesting phenomena and soon realized this path is the correct path for me at this time in my life. I believe we are all intuitive and we all have unique gifts to bring to the world and all that we need to do is get clear on it, practice it and allow it to become our own special and unique gift for the world.

I see spirits ancestors and guides; and I have seen angels since I was very young. I always knew things others did not. I have been learning how to do what I do from others since 2011 and I am truly honored to share my gifts with others on their own healing journey and path.

Pamela Jackson

Mystic, Intuitive and Business Owner.

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