Divine Intention

I have been very busy taking classes and opening and running a alternative healing business. Although everything seems to fall into place there are times where I must wait and be patient. I don’t like it but I understand sometimes it takes a moment for things to align to your divine intention.

Divine intention. Your intent is so powerful that I can not even express how much power it holds in your manifestations and energy work. To be able to control your thoughts and focus on one topic until your visualize it completely is a tool that is not taught in any formal education but should be practiced completely and daily. It is life changing.

Divine Timing. Being in the right place at the right time and prepared for what comes your way is divine timing. If you have done your work and prepared when your perfect and divine timing arrives it will be beyond amazing.

Be in the Wow. Stop analyzing everything to death. Geez. The outcome is your focus and should be your only focus.

Okay, well those are my thoughts for today so I am going to move on to doing something else that I enjoy doing.

Truth, I am grateful that I landed on your radar and I pray that you are blessed today and everyday. Pamela Jackson, Mystic.