On occasion I will take a peak into the energy of the future to see what it holds. I was doing some self work and had a huge shift and tapped into this energy this week. This is what I saw and all I can say is that we will see.

We are currently in a world wide pandemic and I see that things will start going back to normal in May and June.

I do see another wave but not as bad and it will come back around in the late fall or early winter before it is gone.

I see people will go back to work and forgo vacations this year, this will continue to effect the tourism industry.

I see that many cruise ships sitting for a long time, their recovery will be long and hard.

I see the planes are slow to get back in the air and changes are coming to this industry.

Sports are too quick to jump back in group events and may create a small outbreak of the virus.

Then I jumped to 2030! I saw earth changes!

Volcanoes going off, in Washington state.

Then I saw some things about me and my life that I will not get into here. Okay well that is all I really got and have not really tried to look into the future this year. I did notice I was preparing and ordering things we need now back weeks before the panic hit. I think sometimes I just don’t want to know so I block it out! I did feel like 2020 will be a roller coaster ride and it just started, so there is more to come.

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