A healing upgrade for 2021

In late December while I was working on healing work creator took me to a new upgrade. Creator, said that we can know integrate all the healing work we have done.

I heard it called the New 5th Dimensional Upgrade.

I was shown this. I see the healing or integration begin on the outer layers of our energy field where I see any holes being repaired and then it moves in. Slowly and steady and as it moves closer tour physical body I see an integration of sorts but it is different for every person so far.

I have seen our elements in this integration. I seen water, storms, lighting, bubbles and even an energy matrix. It all ends in a pillar of light, a very strong pillar of light that reaches deep into earth and past the heavens. I have seen people go to the creator and I have seen people vier off to the right or left. I have seen people go past the creator. It showed me where each soul began.

I am not sure what this means or how it effects us in 2021 but I do hope that the past finally is put in the past and we healers can begin to move forward with our divine timing.

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