Today, I took a look at her inner child

Today, I took a look at her inner child and this is what I saw. I saw a young child sitting on the ground. She was facing away from me. This was the first time we met, and she was sitting cross-legged with her arms crossed. I see she is stubborn.

I asked the young girl if I could do some healing work on her and brought in unconditional love healing. It helped but she wasn’t ready for a complete healing, so I asked her what she needed to be ready. She said, she needed to see if the healing work that I had just completed, and if it was real and will take hold. I told that was fair and I would visit her again.

I relayed this information to my client who told me she was very stubborn as a child. In fact, she told me that she used to hold her breath until she passed out as a child. Confirming all the healing work and information for her as we ended our 2 hour session.


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