Predictions 2022

Last night I started to work on 2022 predictions and when I go to the stars I heard that Betty White dies and today the last day of the year, I read she has passed away.

Other Stars I saw so far in 2022

1. Angelia Jolene, there is something self-inflected. I was see she is being played by her adopted son, Max. I see her is a manipulator and narcissist.

2. Jennifer Aniston, I see a huge life style change. Maybe she adopts or gets married.

3. Sylvester Stallone, I see that he gets sick and could die.

4. Jennifer Love Hewitt, I see makes a come back.

5. Billy Ray Cyrus, I see make a new song with a new talent he has been working with. It will be country.

6. I see someone in the music industry will be shot by a stranger, I heard Kardashians.

I see a lot of people just dying next year. People just can’t take much more.

Earth changes. I saw a large one in the San Francisco area.

Global warming. I see it burning on one side and flooding on the other. I see the oceans cooling and rising, this will effect the eco system.

I was working more on my stuff for 2022 then I started getting more general and worldly, I will do some more over the next few days and weeks. If you would like to ask about other specific topics please let me know.

Mystic Pam Jackson