New Predictions for 2022

Here are some land predictions for the United States. 

Missouri, I see a large tornado in the lower southwestern part of the state. 

Chicago, I heard Burn Baby Burn. I am seeing riots.

New York, I heard crumbles, shambles, and riots. 

Tennessee, I heard a gun. I hear it was an accidental shooting, but was it?

Colorado, I see they will be hit with more climate extremes, flooding and even mud slides. 

Florida will begin to lose land due to climate change. I see there is still separation on the belief of climate change is the cause. 

Texas, I see is dry and even drought like conditions. There is going to be a fierce battle for governor, between Abbott and Beto. I heard he wins, but does he? Maybe there is questions about the outcome?

Oklahoma, I see forest fires and earthquakes from fracking. 

I saw a volcano off the coast of Greece. I saw a big rip in the land.

Mystic Pam Jacskon