How to Trust Your Intuition

The first step in developing intuition is to recognize that you already have it. If you’ve ever had an intuitive feeling about something, that was intuition. Intuition is simply your mind using information other than what you are consciously aware of. Can you, however, put your faith in your intuition? How can you make it better?

Developing Intuition in Three Steps
1. Recognize it and encourage it.
2. Study it to make it more trustworthy.
3. Give it good information to work with.

Try to identify areas in your own life where you naturally operate intuitively. What is something you are naturally good at without having to study? What is an example of a situation in which you can trust your instincts and it is almost always correct? That’s your intuition speaking; keep listening and nurturing it.

Of course, intuition can also serve as a warning system. When you get the feeling that “something isn’t quite right here,” that’s your intuition speaking, and you’d be wise to pay attention.

Have you ever considered buying a car and then started seeing them everywhere? Looking for and recognizing something trains your brain to seek out more of it. The same thing will happen if you pay attention to your intuition – you’ll start to notice more of it.

Unfortunately, a strong hunch can be for completely irrelevant reasons as well. If you were hit by a yellow taxi as a child, you may have “intuitive” hunches that you should not ride in yellow taxis for the rest of your life. Even learning to recognize and encourage your intuition may leave you wondering when to trust it.

Study Your Intuition!

Begin to doubt your instincts. If you examine your strong feelings about that taxi, you might conclude, “Oh, it’s just my fear of yellow taxis.” Make it a habit to pay attention to and study your intuitive feelings.

Where does your intuition shine the brightest? Give your intuitive stock picks some credence if you’re consistently correct. On the other hand, if your instincts about people are usually incorrect, don’t act on them. Simply paying more attention will lead to the development of intuition about your intuition.

Give Your Intuition Good Information!

The potential effectiveness of your intuition is determined by your skill, knowledge, and experience. Before expecting or trusting good hunches about a subject, learn enough about it. Work in the area where you want to gain more intuition. When you feed your mind enough information, it will go to work for you, with or without your conscious participation, so feed it well.

Recognize your intuition, and you’ll have more hunches and ideas. You’ll learn when to trust it if you study it. Give it useful information, and you’ll be rewarded with useful hunches and ideas. This is a straightforward formula for developing intuition.

Mystic Pam Jackson

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