It’s Scorpio Season!

It is Scorpio Season from October 23 to November 22.

I love this time of year! The fall weather and how the landscape begins to change with a beautiful color of reds, oranges and yellows. 

Halloween is also in Scorpio session, how perfect that is; and then we have my birthday! 

This year I am offering 30% off my 30-minute phone readings; they are normally $80.00 but during Scorpio season they are only $56. 

In this 30-minute session as we begin our introductions and you tell what you would like me to focus on; I will begin to scan you and your energy. Before you even finish, I will begin to get information that I can share with you. These sessions are fast and furious with a lot of information, so come with an open mind and heart and something to take notes with. 

Come with your specific questions, the more you ask the more we will receive.

Connect with a loved one on the other side. 

Some of the information there may be an immediate connection and other information may take time or for someone else that you are connected too. Just be open to receive the information as it comes.

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