about pam


Pam Jackson is a Spiritual Life Coach and a Master Energy Healer who has an office in North Dallas, she also works with clients and students worldwide via skype and phone. 

She began her healing journey in 2000, after years of chronic medical and health problems. But it was the death of her parents that sent her on a spiritual and healing journey. 

Pam has used all of these amazing tools to assist her and her clients to overcome chronic pain, anger and resentments, chronic illness and healing those relationship wounds.

She has been a healer all of her life and has used her knowing and many of these different processes to help move her ahead in her life. Today she shares her secrets that will help you shift your life into new possibilities and opportunities. 

Even though it took her a life time to find healing she has Integrated many of these amazing alternative healing arts to help you heal the fast and easy way! 

Pam Jackson has more than 2000 hours in certification and training in quantum psychics and as a spiritual healer and teacher. She has facilitated workshops and certification seminars for more than 10 years in and around Dallas. 

Mystic Pam specializes in remote intuitive energy work and can connect to you any where in the world. 

Pam's professional and corporate world experience includes 
Accounting, Marketing, Sales and Entrepreneurship. 

Pam is a business owner of a spiritual healing and learning center located in Carrollton, Texas, and she currently offers certification training in 7 Thetahealing Courses and 3 Reiki Courses. 

Pam's Professional Training:

Thetahealing Practitioner/Instructor:
Basic DNA
Advanced DNA
Dig Deeper
You & The Creator
Manifesting & Abundance
You & Your Significant Other
Rhythm to The Perfect Weight

Thetahealing Practitioner:
Planes of Existence 1
Intuitive Anatomy
Disease & Disorder
Soul Mate
Game of Life
You and Your Inner Circle
You and Earth

Access Consciousness, Bars
Access Consciousness Foundation

Spiritual Life Coach
Law of Attraction Coach
Professional Life Coach
Professional Hypnotist

Usui Teate Reiki Master
Tibetan Reiki Master
Diligent of Light
Holographic Sound Healing
Ordained with Universal Life Church

Master EFT Practitioner
Positive EFT
Advanced EmoTrance

Akashic Records Readings
Angel Readings
Medical Intuitive Readings

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