about Pamela Jackson

Transform Your Life with Spiritual Coaching

Pam Jackson, Spiritual Coach, Master Energy Healer and Thetahealing Instructor

Pam is an experienced Spiritual Coach, Master Energy Healer, Thetahealing Practitioner and Instructor, offering classes and private sessions in the thetahealing technique, a powerful energy healing modality that can help you to manifest abundance, joy and healing into your life.

Pam has more than 30+ years as an alternative healing coach, practitioner and teacher. She primarily focused her practice as a hypnotherapist, loa coach and an emotional freedom tapping specialist for the first 12 yrs.

It was through her own grief, complicated emotions and health that took her deeper into the energy healing and metaphysical arena.

As Pam continued her tapping and hypnosis practice she turned to training and mastering other healing and coaching programs. She encountered thetahealing at a group reading event, and her soul smiled. She schedule a session and her bi-polar was healed. Her life would be changed forever!

Pam is an experienced Thetahealing® practitioner and instructor, she began her thetaHealing journey in 2012 and by 2017 she had graduated to instructor status. She continues to broaden her knowledge by pursuing a Masters and a Certificate of Science in the Thetahealing technique.

Pam is passionate about helping others on their healing journey and is dedicated to providing quality guidance and teachings.

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