I am a Certified Spirit Guide Coach, Law of Attraction Coach and a Professional Life Coach. I have many years experience in the corporate world and as a healer and coach. I’ve had a few businesses of my own, some more successful than others but they all helped me grow as an entrepreneur. I enjoy learning new things, vacations, my family and living life with purpose. Part of my purpose is this spiritual healing journey I have been on for more than 20 years and teaching others what I have learned along the way.

Have you struggled with life, emotional pain, relationships, chronic pain, health issues and with loss?

I offer sessions and events for:

  • Life & Spiritual Coaching & Healing
  • Access Consciousness® Bars® Sessions
  • Reiki Master Sessions & Attunements
  • EFT Coaching
  • Thetahealing® Sessions & Classes
  • Private Group Reading Events

My purpose and passion is and has been healing the mind and body and spirit.

My goal then and now is to help others transform their pain into health and to help them find and live their purpose without self-sabotage.

I always had this awareness and knowledge that others didn’t seem to have. I was pretty young when I discovered my hands would heat up around certain people with certain ailments.

I have always wanted to know how to change limiting beliefs, patterns and programs and in 2000 I began my studies in hypnosis with the Dallas Hypnosis Center.

This led me to discovered EFT, the tapping technique at a Craig Craig event. I was amazed at how fast and easy it worked and I studied and applied it to everything in my life, both professional and personal.

It is life changing! EFT changed me and my life forever and for the Better!

For many years I offered workshops on EFT and Hypnosis. It was fun and successful. Then grief happened to me, and I was having a hard time overcoming the loss and getting my life back on track.

I prayed for healing, for peace; doors started opening and I walked through them. First Reiki came into my life, and I studied to become a master which took my self healing journey to a whole new level, a spiritual level. It opened so many doors, some were fun and some were not but all has been part of this amazing healing journey.

My love of crystals restarted on a whole new level as I could now hear them tell me their stories of the universe. I began to remember past lives and studied with Linda Howe and I began to shift my energy to more channeling with intuitive and psychic healings and readings. I studied the angel cards and attended events with Doreen Virtue.

I remember I was dragged into sound healing but OMG it changed everything. I studied tuning forks, crystal bowls and toning.

I experienced a miracle with sound healing!

It created a oneness, a connection to everything and everyone. In that moment I understood how and why we are all connected and peace began to come over me. It was crazy but amazing!

The first time I was at a Thetahealing® event and my soul felt at home, I had found what I was looking for.

Thetahealing has healed my inner child and helped me forgive things I never thought I could. In that forgiveness I have healed. I have been able to eliminate self-sabotage, start a Spiritual Coaching Practice, gotten over fear, shame, guilt and so much more. I have seen others heal physical, I have seen miracles in life and death and I have healed my own breast tumors. I love theta healing and love teaching and holding class for others; with every class you attend you will learn new processes and you have time to work on your own stuff.

My body and mind has found joy and acceptance in Access Consciousness!

I went to Montana to become an instructor of Thetahealing when I was introduced to Bars and attended my first Bars class. Whoa! I felt expanded, opened, relaxed and when I got back to Dallas I heard my new office was ready and it was. I immediately found another class, and another and another. I took the three Bars classes in order to offer classes for a few years and took the Foundations classes. I still offer sessions today because well it’s just amazing and you will feel amazing having a session.

I have had an office in Carrollton offering energy healing sessions, classes and other group events. I had a pretty good thing going when covid hit and shut everything down. As we were is a state of limbo, not knowing for how long and when it would be over, my lease came to an end and I moved out. Like a lot of people I had to reevaluate, my business and services and decide how I could move forward. I studied marketing, online classes as I shifted through my own feelings and emotions. Thetahealing shifted too and began to teach and offer classes online. Yea!

I have taken classes both in-person and online, and both have worked fine for me. There may be classes I prefer to do in person but the connivence of online classes to start or continue your spiritual journey has been a blessing for many of us. I have been able to continue my own journey with thetahealing and very happy and satisfied with the process that it has offered me. I have now taken all of my practitioner classes plus 8 instructor classes and offer the five core classes online.

I love sharing my gifts with my clients.

The more we all know the more we can shift this planet into a better and safer place for us all. My coaching services included all that I have learned and I offer my clients and students guidance in all areas of their lives including love, health and yes even their wealth, money and abundance.

I offer online sessions Monday – Saturday for Spiritual Coaching, Distant Healing and Psychic Intuitive Readings.

These sessions are amazing and really mind blowing. Don’t take my word for it. Schedule a session today. Available worldwide.

I have in person sessions for my clients that prefer to have an energy healing session such as Reiki or Bars. I am available Thursday-Friday, my location or yours.