The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records can help you to discover who you really are through the stories of your soul’s journey through the Akashic Records. 

You will learn your purpose in this life and the wisdom you have gained in this and others timelines as you transform karma, vows, oaths and contracts. 

Take your spiritual growth to the next level as you connect to your souls journey, and divine timing. Gain guidance from your spiritual tribe, healing and transformation in all areas of your life. Find meaning, clarity, and creativity as you connect to your souls mission. Discover the many places in the Akashic Records to heal and gain wisdom of you and your life.

Stories from the Akashic Records by Pam Jackson

It was 2020 when I finally sat down with my notes over the years that I discovered my book. The book was not what I thought it would be but it ended up being a journey in of itself. Shifting through hundreds of notes only to discovered I was repeating the same story over and over again except for few stories of my journeys into the Akashic Records. As I continued organizing and compiling to send to the editor, I was also on this amazing healing and transformational journey of forgiveness that I never dreamed possible. I am very proud of my little book and the short stories in there and my hope is that you can see that the stories of the Akashic Records are meant for healing and transforming vows, oaths and contracts of all kinds. Thank you for wanting to support me and your interested in my book.


Akashic Records Meditation