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Pam Jackson Releases New Book “Stories from the Akashic Records”

Pam Jackson, spiritual author is proud to announce the release of her new book, “Stories from the Akashic Records”.

The Akashic Records are the energetic records of all that has happened in the universe since the beginning of time. Accessing these records can bring profound understanding, healing and guidance.

In “Stories from the Akashic Records,” Pam explores the fascinating stories that can be uncovered when accessing the Akashic Records. Drawing on her own personal experiences, she guides readers through the process of accessing the Records and offers insight into the stories that can be found within.

Pam’s book is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to deepen their knowledge of the Akashic Records and access the wisdom and guidance that can be gained from this ancient source.

Pam has the unique ability to access the knowledge contained within the Akashic Records and to translate it into stories that provide insight and guidance into our own lives.

Pamela Jackson Copywriter 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Book: Stories from the Akashic Records

Working with your Akashic Records requires courage and an open mind. You never know what you will find. But, knowing what may be influencing your life today that is rooted in the past presents an opportunity to learn and to heal. Hopefully, the stories in this book will inspire you to take that brave first step in understanding your own energetic, spiritual past.


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