New Predictions for 2022

Here are some land predictions for the United States. 

Missouri, I see a large tornado in the lower southwestern part of the state. 

Chicago, I heard Burn Baby Burn. I am seeing riots.

New York, I heard crumbles, shambles, and riots. 

Tennessee, I heard a gun. I hear it was an accidental shooting, but was it?

Colorado, I see they will be hit with more climate extremes, flooding and even mud slides. 

Florida will begin to lose land due to climate change. I see there is still separation on the belief of climate change is the cause. 

Texas, I see is dry and even drought like conditions. There is going to be a fierce battle for governor, between Abbott and Beto. I heard he wins, but does he? Maybe there is questions about the outcome?

Oklahoma, I see forest fires and earthquakes from fracking. 

I saw a volcano off the coast of Greece. I saw a big rip in the land.

Mystic Pam Jacskon

Predictions 2022

Last night I started to work on 2022 predictions and when I go to the stars I heard that Betty White dies and today the last day of the year, I read she has passed away.

Other Stars I saw so far in 2022

1. Angelia Jolene, there is something self-inflected. I was see she is being played by her adopted son, Max. I see her is a manipulator and narcissist.

2. Jennifer Aniston, I see a huge life style change. Maybe she adopts or gets married.

3. Sylvester Stallone, I see that he gets sick and could die.

4. Jennifer Love Hewitt, I see makes a come back.

5. Billy Ray Cyrus, I see make a new song with a new talent he has been working with. It will be country.

6. I see someone in the music industry will be shot by a stranger, I heard Kardashians.

I see a lot of people just dying next year. People just can’t take much more.

Earth changes. I saw a large one in the San Francisco area.

Global warming. I see it burning on one side and flooding on the other. I see the oceans cooling and rising, this will effect the eco system.

I was working more on my stuff for 2022 then I started getting more general and worldly, I will do some more over the next few days and weeks. If you would like to ask about other specific topics please let me know.

Mystic Pam Jackson

She gently moved into Gods love and light.

I went in to take a look at her soul and her process and this is what I saw. RIP

She began to float, she felt like a feather. She had never remembered being so light. She didn’t remember she could just gentle and easily float up, and she did just that. She floated up and up and up. She had no cares or concerns about her earthly life or body. She was done. She had no karma and no ties so she continued to float. Still amazed at her lightness and this ability to float she moved every so gently into Gods love and light.