Pam has the ability to give accurate insights in just about everything including loved ones (human or fur) from anywhere in the world. 

Pam also has the ability to see and release old stuck feelings and emotions like anger, resentments, and feelings on being lost in your quantum field. These energies, emotions may be held in place either consciously or unconsciously in your quantum energetic body that is effecting any positive outcome in your life. 

In an in depth reading session she will help you dig to discover a bottom belief that can create instant change in your life.  She will also download you with new feelings from the Creator of All That Is, Source which can create amazing life altering shifts in your mind, body and spirit.

Pam also offers group readings, learn more by clicking here.

our Clients Testimonials

I've worked with Pam twice now and both times she was just amazing. Right to the heart of the matter. I've consulted with many in this field before and she is definitely one of the vest best! I plan on working with her from now on. 
Laurie W.
Pam is amazing! I think I have found one of my earthly guardian angels. Her guidance and support is spot on and my experience with her was truly life changing. I highly recommend her!
Jen S.
Pam is great! She has really helped me! I have tried to work through other sources and have not succeeded. I finally feel through Pam that there is hope. I will continue and I am looking forward to more healing and growth. 
Tracey B.
Pam, all the anger about my job just left.  I've noticed in the days since not only do I view my job and the people differently, but they are also talking and treating me differently. Thank you so very much for this. 
Beverly R.

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