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Pam's core purpose is to provide a space for people to flourish and to enhance the community. 

Her core values is to always be in a place of honesty and integrity in her work, and in her life. She honors free will, self-improvement and the hard work that it requires. 

Integrated Energy Works LLC is a Spiritual Healing and Learning Center located at 2121 N Josey Ln. Ste 204, Carrollton, TX 75006.

This is a 2-story farm like building with a small lake behind it. The entrance to the building is on the side with walkway provided. Her office is located on the 2nd floor with her name on the door, "Pamela Jackson, Spiritual Coach".

I manifested my divine life and

you can too!

Everyone is welcomed to Pam's events, workshops and group readings. 

How many sessions will you need? Unfortunately that is impossible to determine until you discuss your goals with Pam. It would help if you know if there is just one topic you want to work on or are there many topics and emotional wounds that need to be addressed?

Many of her clients come to her on a regular bases and some she will see more than others. Each person, each story is individual and so is the process to healing and shifting limiting beliefs. 

Fees: Pam's fees vary depending on type of service. She does offer specials, payment plans and scholarships. 

Please give Pam 24 hours when you need to cancel or change your scheduled appointment. She does understand emergencies come up and direct communication works best. 

All sales are final but as stated above Pam does understand emergencies all other reasons we can reschedule at another time that is convenient for both of all parties.

Payments are processed through Pam's secure PayPal business account and she also excepts cash, She does not accept checks as form of payment. 

Need a place to stay that is close to the center?

  • Courtyard Marriott, Carrollton
  • Holiday Inn Express, Addison
  • Hilton Garden, Addison

Places to eat near the center? There are no health food stores near the center but there is:

  • an Albertsons across the street that has a deli
  • Los' Lupus and Café Brazil that are excellent options
  • There are small restaurants to order a pizza, get a deli sandwich, and of course hamburger places

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