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Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Energy Healing is known to help heal your life as you step into the principles of Reiki. 

To learn Reiki you will attend a workshop to learn the teachings of Usui Reiki and become attuned to Reiki by a Reiki Master. Once you are attuned you begin to apply the lessons to your daily life and as you do you your life will begin to shift. 

Reiki brings to its students....

  •  Inner Peace and Wisdom
  •  Healing on the Physical and Emotional
  •  Helps us to release what no longer serves us with ease.
  •  The program to their healing and spiritual journey

Reiki is the door way to healing your wounds and creating a life of peace and calm. You may notice that you begin to...

  •  feel calmer, more peaceful and less likely to anger
  •  worry less and less as they apply the principles of reiki to thier lives
  •  become aware of energy and the energy of others and may even notice if someone needs healing

There are 3 levels of energy attunements. 

  1. Reiki level 1 activates your healing hands as it raises your vibration, heals the physical as you begin the process of self-healing. 

  2. Reiki level 2 heals the emotional and teaches you to focus your intent to send reiki, and it raises your vibration to next level as you become a practitioner of reiki. 

  3. Reiki level 3 you begin to master the reiki symbols and reiki, and be able to transfer attunements to others.

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