Transform Your Life with Spiritual Coaching Services

Intuitive Readings, Healings, Spiritual Coaching, Guidance and Teachings

Pam Currently Offers Readings, Healing and Coaching Sessions via Phone/Zoom, 7 Days a Week.

Payment Methods: Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, Credit Card, Debit & Cash

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Refer a friend and receive a $20 gift card or Venmo for each successful referral. Plus, if the friend purchases a package or class receive a Free Session. Ready to take Theta classes? Sign up for the first 3 core classes and receive the 4th core class free. Sponsorships will receive the class for Free.

Let’s talk.

Intuitive Phone Readings

Every intuitive session that Pam conducts begin with a body scan, which includes a Medical Intuitive Scan. Your readings and clearings may also include divine downloads and clearings so she can see the information clearer.

Intuitive Readings flow easily and effortlessly, and you will be surprised at the amount of information that comes through your personal readings.

Ask Pam questions pertaining to:

  • Health and Medical Intuition
  • Future and Past Life
  • Manifesting and Abundance
  • Animals and Fur Babies
  • Soul Mates and Loved Ones
  • Life and Life Choices

All work is done through the Creator and may include Divine Downloads.

  • Release Trauma and Abuse
  • Clear Resentments, Grudges and Anger
  • Improve Relationships with Partners and Family
  • Clear Blocks to Prosperity
  • Heal Your Inner Child

Zoom Consultations

A brief discussion of your goals or desires is included at the start of each spiritual healing and counseling session. During a session of spiritual healing and coaching, Pam will begin to tune into you, your emotions, and your physical body.

With just one session, you can heal from trauma and abuse, get rid of grudges and anger, and enhance your relationships with partners and family members. Eliminate obstacles to prosperity and nurture your inner child.

Prayer, Meditation, and Divine Guidance from the Creator, who surrounds everything in a Healing Energy of Love, are the main methods of healing.

In Person

Need a Quick Transformational Session to Release Stress and Anxiety? Align and Harmonize Your Chakras? Cut Cords? Run Your Bars?

Pam works in the Dallas area and can travel freely for her in-person visits. Interested in meeting her and working with her in person just ask and she will be happy to see how we can connect at your location.