I specialize in emotional healing, healing the inner child and time line healing

I remove blockages and barriers to your success, health and happiness. 

I offer readings and healing sessions via skype, phone or in my office. 

I also offer past life healings, integration and readings. 

I teach seminars in the Dallas area and offer Retreats to Resorts in and around Texas. 

I absolutely Love what I do and I know for a fact it works because it worked for me and for so many others I have crossed paths with. 

Contact me, let's connect and chat about your story and let's heal your story together. 

A One on One Session with Pam!

Pam offers one on one session live at her office in Carrollton, Texas and or via Skype, phone to wherever you are in the world. Skype session are just as successful and amazing as an in-person session. Pam has been offering slype and phone sessions for more than 6 years and private holistic health and healing for more than 18 years. 

Pam is able to do this by intuitively by talking to you. She can connect to you instantly through a meditative state of consciousness that connects her directly to the divine source energy, God. She creates this connection to clear away limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and feelings and patterns that may be preventing you from obtaining your desire results. 

What to Expect in a Session?

We will discuss what you hope to achieve from your session and she can and will tune into you and into your energy matrix field where she can identify limiting beliefs, patterns and emotional blockages that may be blocking you from achieving results. 

Pam works quickly in your matrix energy field and she is able to pick up and start shifting negative feelings and emotions, she then can scan your body and organs to find other emotions, feelings, and even diseases in your body that you may or may not be aware of. She connects to the divine and can bring in spiritual healing that creates changes and shifts in your energy matrix which effects how you feel and how you feel about your situation.

If you are in-tuned with your body you may feel shifts of energy, feelings and emotions. If you are new to this Pam will guide you through the process and she will show you how to use an emotional scale or we will use muscle testing if you are familiar with this technique. Either way Pam will help you feel, see or sense the shifts as we work to shift your energy and create healings of all kinds on all levels. 

How Many Session Will I Need?

It is impossible to determine how many session you need prior to our first meeting. Here are a somethings to consider. Are you wanting to clear one or topics and then you can take it from there or do you have a lifetime of struggles you are working on? These and other factors will help us to determine which process and how much time is involved. 

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my session?

No, but to help you to prepare for your session think about what you would like to work on, clear or heal in your session. It is suggested that you are hydrated and you may want to be familiar with muscle testing but it is not required for your session with Pam. 

One on One in Carrollton, TX or via Skype Anywhere in the World!

Pam sees her clients at her office in Carrollton, Texas by appointment and has clients she works with via Skype all over the world. 
2121 N Josey Ln. Ste 204 Carrollton, TX 75006
Skype: EFTPamJackson

Cancellation Policy. Please give 24 hours notice of any changes to our scheduled time. Thank you. 

Session Options. I have a few options but these are my most popular and everyone's favorite. 

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