Stories from the Akashic Records.

I am attracted to the Akashic Records for many reasons. Most important, I have always been curios about people. My work as a healer has been inspired by the stories of others. It is one of my greatest blessings to work to help others heal and live full, meaningful lives.

Quantum Mechanics

The new physics of the beginnings of the twentieth century gave a mortal blow to the deterministic principles of the old school of thought.

Time and space became relative notions according to the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein. Quantum physics stated that all particles of matter could be viewed either as material bodies or as waves. It allowed for one electron (or any other particle) to be in two locations at once (double slit experiment) and proved that one could not predict the next location of a particle by knowing its present one.

In the strange world of quantum physics, particles dematerialized themselves into waves (such as in transistors) and rematerialized themselves later into particles. This depended on the type of experiment they were subjected to, and most importantly: the choice made by a conscious observer as to how he or she would view these particles.

To most theorists, the phenomena of nature existed only as determined states as a conscious observer witnessed them, either directly, or through the artifacts of a measuring device. Quantum mechanics was born, and with it our view of reality would be forever changed.

In the same field of quantum theory, time is not only relative, but one can experimentally change the past, as the delayed choice experiment, carried out by scientists in the 80’s at the University of Maryland and the University of Munich has proven.

Although this all seems to belong to the realm of science-fiction, it is a reality! You should never doubt your natural-born ability to operate at such a high vibratory level of thought.

If we are in the process of constantly creating our reality by thinking about it in an individualized and global manner, and that science reflects but a snapshot of our attempt at understanding our Creation, a major shift in our thought- perception will induce totally different ways at experiencing the phenomenal world and controlling it to our desires.

All aspects of our lives in this new Millennium will, most likely, be profoundly transformed by it.

The introduction of consciousness as a major factor in the equation of reality by modern quantum physics is at the core of one of the major paradoxes of so-called psychic research. According to quantum physics, the thought of the observer has an influence upon the result of an experiment. Therefore, if we are co-creator of our reality by mere thought, the natural imbued skepticism of many scientists and their methodologies introduce a negative bias in the results that they would obtain in thought experiment such as “remote viewing” etc.

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The Galactic Records


I noticed in 2018 I was off my game a bit, then I saw one of my previous reiki students offering a sound healing group meetup in August so I decided to go. We have worked together before and I usually have wonderful downloads and clarity when we work together either privately or in groups. I went to this sound healing event with a very specific intent, I always use intent when I attend spiritual events such as this. My intent was to ask to meet my new spirit guide. I had felt Metatron and Thoth had left but I was told that day I didn’t need a new spiritual guide at this time and that I was my own guide for now. I giggled at the thought but said okay and went on about my days.

Intent is Everything!

It was in December that I first heard that it was time for me to move into the Galactic Records. That I have done the work in the Akashic Records and in the group consciousness on this level that needed to be done. I have served humanity on this planet and now it was time for me to move into the Galactic Records.

Well of course my first plan of action was to google it and I really couldn’t and haven’t find anything since on the internet that comes close to want I just heard and seen in my minds eye. So I dropped it and moved on.

galaticbeingsNow that we are 24 days into January, I have meet this new Galactic Being that has been referred to me as my future self. She is tall, elegant and knowledgeable, she moves or rather seems to float in and out of spaces. She is alien like as she seems to have no hair anywhere on her body. She wears a long robe and she is bright in color (not blue as the image I have posted). This is the best way I can describe her at the moment.

Changes are coming!

I see her coming into my space, I have seen her integrate into me as she brings me her strength, wisdom and knowledge. She seems to be with me always. I can just think of her and I know I am her and she is me, we are one.

I can’t even image what my life will look like in 2019 but I know it is going to be interesting as my spiritual journey now continues into the Galactic Records. I look forward to writing and sharing this journey with all of you as we discover these records together. Many Blessings to you all.