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Working with the Laws of the Universe

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The Universal Laws have began to reveal themselves to me!

It seems I am ready to embark on the next journey, the journey of universal laws. I remember several weeks ago, in my conversation with the creator of all that is, that I was ready to learn the laws of the universe and today I have been shown two laws.

I have already done my workout both physical and spiritual when I sat down to do a session on the topic of weight and health. I have been working on this topic pretty seriously the last week and this would be my 3rd session with my Master Transformation Technique. Each time it brings about different topics and reasoning for this topic to heal and evolve.

I continued to work on my topic on the core level, when it began to evolve into my metabolism on a genetic and a history level. As I continued my focus and intent I moved into the soul level of the topic and I am now 45 minutes into this healing method as I direct my focus on my thyroid and pancreas.

My training in into intuitive anatomy has helped me become a much better healer than ever before.

I was doing this massive amount of energy work with my Master Transformation Method when I saw a Law of Compassion come in and go to my thyroid and pancreas. I sat and watched this law go into all of my organs but focused more on these two for about 30 minutes, as love and compassion was needed to heal these organs.

I was then told this was one of my laws in this lifetime. The Law of Compassion was a law I needed to embrace and to understand the love that comes from this law. I stayed focused on the healing of these two organs with this law, the Law of Compassion.

Then I saw this law do healing work and I also saw the law go into the inner child, as she also needs love and compassion on her journey. I then saw that the hormones were off balanced and I focused with intent of this law being applied there also.

Later in the day, I was working with a friend who had given me a call for some assistance in shifting some energy around. There was a lot of back pain and seasonal cold going on with my friend.  The cold I saw as irritation with another and the back pain I saw all kinds of reasoning for it.

During the winter seasons we have to be extra caution around our feelings and emotions of being irritated with others or ourselves. I have found a lot of sinus and cold symptoms are around these feelings.

On a soul level, I saw past lives where they had been stabbed many times in the back, along with shot in the back and kicked in the back. There was a lot of energy around being kicked while down and a tug a war of possessions. It has been very hard to trust anyone in this life time and moving through this time line without support or feelings of being unsupported.

On a DNA genetics and history level there was a lot of energy around their father, the age 3-4 and the age 13-14. They had recently lost their father and was moving through the grief pretty well but the back pain was also tied to this and as I cleared this energy I was picking up some of the lessons with the father were victim-hood, pride and self-imposed barriers. As I bring up these images and topics they are being cleared on a quantum level.

Then I saw the Law of Support. The Law of Support moved into their root chakra along with all the colors of the rainbow. I saw blues, greens, yellows, purples and indigo colors all flowing and circulating into the root chakra. I saw this energy of the law of support move up and through their back and spine. Aligning the spine up perfectly; I then saw all the chakras light up and line up to the creator.  I saw that they are now in perfect alignment.

All during this time I also saw what could be their possibilities. I saw a trip overseas, to Europe, Poland, Greece and Italy. I saw great success as they traveled all throughout Europe for up to a year. I then saw possibilities for a future in India and holding retreats of some kind. I saw that they could have great success in their lives and in the near future.

There was also an entity that had attached itself to this person and it was able to get in because of the emotions from the grief and from the emotions and fear of moving into the unknown. The entity was an entity of duality and it was in the middle of the back. Yes, duality is what I heard and I also had to call in for the assistance of the higher light beings in removing it and sending it into the creators light.

Once all of this energy work was complete they were feeling better, sitting up straight and moving around. I even recall hearing their conversation switching to all the possibilities of moving and moving forward.

As far as my topic of health and weight loss; if I hit that magic number, lessons, healing or matrix I will surely let you know.

Copywriter Pamela Jackson 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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