Law of Attraction

Mastering The Law of Attraction

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Manifesting and the law of attraction. If you have been working on manifesting and the law of attraction but you feel like you are not getting anywhere and in fact you feel like you keep going backwards instead of forward. I would like to share some insights on this that may help you mastering the laws of attraction. I have been reading and applying this stuff since the 70’s and 80’s and was very aware of the principles when “The Secret” came out in the 90’s or early 2000’s. I really could not understand at that time why everyone was so hyped about “the secret” until I finally realized not many people have studied or Mastered the Law of Attraction.

So you think it doesn’t work or something is wrong with you but that is not true. The problem with the simplicity of the LOA is that so much is left out of our understanding and teachings. In my years in the self-help community is that nothing is black or white but it is simpler than we may realize.

There are major steps that are left out that has to be healed, changed and deleted from your mind, body and soul.

In the Law of Attraction there are virtues that goes along with the laws and with those lessons on those virtues. Virtues like compassion, generosity, unconditional love and belief work either from genetics or on a core level of our upbringing.

There are studies that needs to done about money and energy of money. You need to have a clear understanding that money is only energy but it is also a physical reality we live in. Learn about the principles of money. Discover the game of life with money and how to change your energy around money, debit and resources. Unless you were born in a wealthy family you were never given specific tools to handle any type of wealth or money. If you cannot keep money on you and it escapes you then there is a clue that you need some work on money and money management.

There is the energy and vibration of manifesting and you really have to be aware of your self-talk, that inner voice that quietly runs in the background. That self-talk, that quiet voice is from our upbringing. It comes from the people we were around growing up. Pay close attention to it, change it and your manifesting will begin to shift.

Belief systems need to reviewed, acknowledge and changed. If you were ever told things like money doesn’t grow on trees or any other negative or limiting comment about money, then you probably have a belief system. Belief systems quietly run our lives and they are in the deep subconscious of our mind. There are many tools and techniques you can use to begin your transformation into your belief systems but trust me this one is a big one.

Be crystal clear about what you what from life! This is a HUGE missing piece in your manifesting. If you keep going over and over your manifesting list, your desires, your goals and dreams but every day brings in new thoughts, ideas or beliefs then this is a problem in your manifesting. These blockages are due to the fact you are not focused on the feelings, the idea and the end solution. Being crystal clear and focused will help you shift your manifesting.

Feelings and Emotions effect our manifesting. Fear is next on that list. Fear of what ifs on any level of our consciousness can be a huge distraction to moving into your abundant life. Fear of what others will think of me is a big one for many people. Fear of if I am too specific I will not get any other clients for my healing practice. Fear that you will not be supported and you may have to stand up for yourself and what you want. There are so many fears that will stop you in your tracks or put a halt to your manifesting. You will have to learn to walk through your fears, step into the unknown and trust that all will work out and you will learn as you go.

Resentments, anger, low self-esteem, victim-hood, a sense of entitlement, worries, self-imposed barriers, limiting beliefs, life patterns and programs running in the background are just some of the feelings and emotions that could be blocking your abundance and manifesting.

There are many tools and techniques to change all of these so you can bring in more of the feelings you want and need to manifest. You have to feel it and determine what type of feelings you want to experience in your manifestation. Imagination and feelings are another huge aspect of this Law.

Feelings of gratitude will totally change everything. Learn more about it, practice it daily and watch your life begin to shift and change. Everyday talk and teach gratitude, this is absolutely HUGE so teach it to your family and your children and watch life change in miraculous ways and in ways you never thought could happen or change.

Finally, we need to release it. Holding onto it does not allow it to manifest. Are you holding onto specific material outcomes? Holding on to specific means that something better may be planned for you but because of your limiting ideas and beliefs you could be holding on to the wrong thing, so release it and let it manifesting for you. You may be surprised! Release the desire to be in control, release the fear of losing control; you have to release it for it to manifest for you. It is like holding you manifesting in your fist with your hands closed tightly around it but if you just open your hands and release it you may be surprised that what you thought you wanted was not really what you wanted at all but something that did arrive was perfect for you right now, right here. Release it, be surprised and learn to trust yourself, life, god, the universe and all that is will be working in harmony to manifest your desires, goals and dreams as you begin your Mastering The Law of Attraction.

Copywriter Pamela Jackson 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Journeys and Messages

Working with the Laws of the Universe

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The Universal Laws have began to reveal themselves to me!

It seems I am ready to embark on the next journey, the journey of universal laws. I remember several weeks ago, in my conversation with the creator of all that is, that I was ready to learn the laws of the universe and today I have been shown two laws.

I have already done my workout both physical and spiritual when I sat down to do a session on the topic of weight and health. I have been working on this topic pretty seriously the last week and this would be my 3rd session with my Master Transformation Technique. Each time it brings about different topics and reasoning for this topic to heal and evolve.

I continued to work on my topic on the core level, when it began to evolve into my metabolism on a genetic and a history level. As I continued my focus and intent I moved into the soul level of the topic and I am now 45 minutes into this healing method as I direct my focus on my thyroid and pancreas.

My training in into intuitive anatomy has helped me become a much better healer than ever before.

I was doing this massive amount of energy work with my Master Transformation Method when I saw a Law of Compassion come in and go to my thyroid and pancreas. I sat and watched this law go into all of my organs but focused more on these two for about 30 minutes, as love and compassion was needed to heal these organs.

I was then told this was one of my laws in this lifetime. The Law of Compassion was a law I needed to embrace and to understand the love that comes from this law. I stayed focused on the healing of these two organs with this law, the Law of Compassion.

Then I saw this law do healing work and I also saw the law go into the inner child, as she also needs love and compassion on her journey. I then saw that the hormones were off balanced and I focused with intent of this law being applied there also.

Later in the day, I was working with a friend who had given me a call for some assistance in shifting some energy around. There was a lot of back pain and seasonal cold going on with my friend.  The cold I saw as irritation with another and the back pain I saw all kinds of reasoning for it.

During the winter seasons we have to be extra caution around our feelings and emotions of being irritated with others or ourselves. I have found a lot of sinus and cold symptoms are around these feelings.

On a soul level, I saw past lives where they had been stabbed many times in the back, along with shot in the back and kicked in the back. There was a lot of energy around being kicked while down and a tug a war of possessions. It has been very hard to trust anyone in this life time and moving through this time line without support or feelings of being unsupported.

On a DNA genetics and history level there was a lot of energy around their father, the age 3-4 and the age 13-14. They had recently lost their father and was moving through the grief pretty well but the back pain was also tied to this and as I cleared this energy I was picking up some of the lessons with the father were victim-hood, pride and self-imposed barriers. As I bring up these images and topics they are being cleared on a quantum level.

Then I saw the Law of Support. The Law of Support moved into their root chakra along with all the colors of the rainbow. I saw blues, greens, yellows, purples and indigo colors all flowing and circulating into the root chakra. I saw this energy of the law of support move up and through their back and spine. Aligning the spine up perfectly; I then saw all the chakras light up and line up to the creator.  I saw that they are now in perfect alignment.

All during this time I also saw what could be their possibilities. I saw a trip overseas, to Europe, Poland, Greece and Italy. I saw great success as they traveled all throughout Europe for up to a year. I then saw possibilities for a future in India and holding retreats of some kind. I saw that they could have great success in their lives and in the near future.

There was also an entity that had attached itself to this person and it was able to get in because of the emotions from the grief and from the emotions and fear of moving into the unknown. The entity was an entity of duality and it was in the middle of the back. Yes, duality is what I heard and I also had to call in for the assistance of the higher light beings in removing it and sending it into the creators light.

Once all of this energy work was complete they were feeling better, sitting up straight and moving around. I even recall hearing their conversation switching to all the possibilities of moving and moving forward.

As far as my topic of health and weight loss; if I hit that magic number, lessons, healing or matrix I will surely let you know.

Copywriter Pamela Jackson 2016. All Rights Reserved.