Clearings and Downloads for Financial Abundance


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Clearings and Downloads are Feelings from Source that are available for you to accept or not. Free Will and all. So, if you like what I am downloading and clearing just close your eyes, open your heart, listen and say yes…then notice what you notice is the days following.

If this is a tough topic for you and you have had a lot of hardships you will need to listen several times. Listen until you feel like this is your truth. I do clearings and downloads in most of my sessions because they help us change faster than anything else I have found. So, if you are ready to release fear, anger, confusion and misunderstandings around financial abundance, financial security and financial freedom then you may enjoy this video.

If you would like to know about my services please check out my website and if you are ready to schedule a session with me here is link that makes this task simple and easy.

In the meantime, you guys stay safe and be blessed out there.

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5 Easy Steps to Attract Your Soul Mate


Warning I talk about spiritual sex and sexual patterns in this video!

Do you struggle with your love life? Are you always looking for your soul mate?

I mean I never really thought about it or worried about love because it always seemed easy to me. Maybe I was picky just enough?

I have learned we have many soul mates now more than ever. Did you know your child could be your soul mate? Soul mates are souls that recognize each other. Soul mates can be good for you or bad for you so be careful when you call in your soul mate and ask for you most divine soul mate.

If you want help clearing self-sabotaging beliefs, patterns and programs around your soul mate or even your souls story or journey schedule a 60 minute thetahealing session.

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