My Guardian Angel Story

My guardian angel changed my life direction, and this is my Angel story.

I was only about 18 years old, cute, and some say pretty. Being young and naïve tends to put you in compromising situations, and this happened to me.

I was invited to a party in downtown Houston. I ended up in a penthouse party. I walked in and I knew immediately it was not my kind of party. There were things going on and I didn’t want to be there. Anyway, I was standing there looking around not knowing what to do. I was confused and scared. I was feeling overwhelmed, anxious, scared and wanted to get out of there but I had frozen. I must’ve prayed because of what happen next.

Today it is still hard to believe that this happened to me, but it did. I must have been praying because I felt a hand on my shoulder and a voice in my ear. The hand was calming not heavy, but it was light, and it had essence. The voice was commanding, and these are the words that I heard.

Pamela, you do not belong here this is not your place as you have another purpose in life. Then this angel reached down and touched my hand, and in an instant we were outside. I was no longer in the penthouse! I was now standing on the ground outside of the building and safe!

In a moment he was gone! Just like that! Gone!

Now it took some time for my life to change for the better because I was hell-bent on self-destruction, but those words never left me. It was probably 10 years before my life begin to change and turn around, but those words have always stuck with me.

Pamela, you do not belong here you have a greater purpose in life. I didn’t know what my purpose was, but it did begin that inner search, awareness and spiritual journey. I am forever blessed, forever grateful for my angel for saving me that day.

I have prayed and communicated with my angels and other’s angels through this amazing connection that I believe we all have. The angels love us, they are spiritual angelic beings of light and love that support us, but they will never interfere with our free will. They hear our prayers and will offer us guidance through signs and symbols. We just have to be able to notice what we notice when we asked for our blessings and these miracles.

There are many ways to communicate with our angels. The easiest way is just to ask, and they will be there forever and ever. Look at it like this, Archangel Raphael. We all know him. He is an angel of God and a healer and we call on him for healing. We also know that this is his job, and this is what he does, and this is what he will do until the end the time. As you call in your own angels and ask for guidance, and healing know that you are assigning them a job. And when you sign an Angel a job that’s their job for life. So be serious and take it seriously.

I assign angels to my children even though I know they are given angels upon their birth. I give them additional angels to help them in life. And you can to. All you need to do is ask, and one way to ask is in our prayers. The angels hear our prayers, our commands and our request. There are people that write books on communicating with angels and making special request and prayers and affirmations. Follow what is truthful to you. Your soul and your spirit know your truth. Just ask!

Want to know how I ask? I ask for an angel like this. I called in the highest light being of God to help my loved one in this situation. Thank you. It is done, it is done, it is done. It is that simple.

Do we need to ask every day and in every prayer, over and over again? I have been told they hear us the first time and the one hundredth time. You can ask once and believe that your answers to your questions and your request are being answered every time with unconditional love.

Copywriter Pamela Jackson, 2021. All Rights Reserved.