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What is the Shadow Side?

To become conscious of ego-personality involves recognizing the dark aspect of the personality as present and real. This act is an essential condition for self-knowledge, and it is often met with considerable resistance. These shadows are repressed elements of the personality which we choose not to be identified with.

Shadows lurk in the deep recesses of the psyche. It is buried in the heart, in the mind; it is part of us. It follows us, it frightens us, and they come to us in different ways, but they always appear somewhere. The shadow is not a mere concept or a matter of perception. It is very real.     

There is light, and there is darkness. It is impossible to dismiss the shadow element. It is usually a person’s worst trait. A brave person may have a cowardly shadow. Behind all that softness, the kind, gentle, and caring person may have a cruel side. Even among the most benevolent, respected personalities and leaders in any field or endeavor, a shadow element can be seen through their eloquence and elegance. Do they truly understand themselves, or have they denied their shadow side? They may find that their beliefs, words, and actions are at odds. This is not on purpose, and the internal shadow conflicts they fail to address emerge at the worst possible times.     

Is it possible to avoid or ignore the shadow? Shadows haunt us when we are at our lowest point in life. It is that part of ourselves that we hide in order to present our best selves in public. They will not go away if you hide them, deny them, or suppress them. In other ways, our actions may end up attracting these shadows into our lives.     

Do shadows have an effect on our lives? Do they have any significance? Shadows can take many forms. Temptations, obsessions, addictions, co-dependency, and other forms of indulgence can all appear. Shadows emerge from the darkness, cloaked in fear, and shake us to our core. Shadows can also be represented as projections. It can be an unjustified and unexplainable dislike of certain characteristics in people. We don’t like what we see; perhaps it reflects aspects of ourselves that we choose to ignore or are unaware of.      

Are you at ease with your friends? If not, consider why you hang out with them. Do you pass harsh judgment on them? If that’s the case, why do you waste your valuable time with them? Do you have a habit of making a compromise that you cannot meet? What about when you become enraged at the slightest provocation, sometimes from the same person? Sometimes we look for our shadows in the faces of others. They even find their way into our lives. These shadows, buried deep, may drive us to places we do not dare to go.      

Pundits argue that denying the shadow element is risky. They believe that confronting it, dealing with it, and working through the conflicts it causes is the only way forward. 

Each person must deal with and confront their personal demons; otherwise, they will follow us in less conscious ways. The shadow element teaches us something. We must delve deeper into ourselves to become aware of it. We can take what is good. Work with the bad, see the light, and face the darkness fearlessly. Go deep within; allow your fears and insecurities to be buried deep beneath the surface. Face the rage that is bubbling beneath the skin.    

We are not without flaws. Light will surely come, no matter how many dark clouds hover above us or how long the dark night lasts. These dark nights provide an opportunity to enrich and nourish our spirit, soul, and lives.

Copywriter Pamela Jackson 2022, All Rights Reserved.

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