Captain of your own ship

Today I received a call from Rodger who wanted to do some clearing work around his work environment. He has struggled with this environment since we started working together a couple of months ago. As he began to talk about what was going on in his life and what his struggles where we decided to work on

  1. He seemed to manifest problems for his self.
  2. He wanted to be more flexible with his peers and the other leaders of his team.

We quickly discovered he was pulling in a lot of egos, or people that where full of themselves. He felt he was addicted to drama but was it or was it the excitement. His life was isolated except for work. As I was clearing his energy matrix, aura of these traumas I was suddenly pulled into a past life. This past life we had visited before, so it seems that we are not done with it just yet.

There was a time and place where he had a life at the ports, like a pirate but I believe ship owners were both back during this time. So anyway, he was a young, incredibly young but he went on this ship to work. His brother ran this ship, his brother was the captain and there was jealousy between these two brothers. Now my client felt betrayed by his brother but what I saw was that they where equally guilty of unbrotherly conduct. So, his life ended on that voyage. He felt his brother killed him because the other workers on the ship liked him better than his brother who was the captain of his ship. Lessons and feelings began to come in for him to understand creator’s truth of this situation and of chain of command.

Then we looked at that topic, being the captain of his own ship. There was betrayal, anger, resentment to clear but there was shame and guilt also. As I continued clearing these low vibrations and feelings. God showed me his soul! Seeing a soul is an amazing experience and it is beautiful. It made me gasped when I first saw his soul, it was beautiful, and I stayed with the image for a few minutes. I am not sure why I was shown his soul but there was probably a deep soul healing happening right before my eyes.

I eventually turned my attention back to this past life that has popped up several times and asked God what we needed to do to heal this aspect of his soul so we can complete this lesson. We feel that brother in that past life is the brother in this lifetime. Then a healing started for the betrayal of the brother in this lifetime and any other lifetimes and to bring in those lessons and virtues from those timelines. There is a four-year age gap and they were never close growing up and in even in their adult lives in this lifetime. They really have not resolved this past life in this life or not in the way that their soul had agreed upon. We asked god for healing and to bring in those lessons of that lifetime forward and to integrated on all levels and histories. I then saw the energy of forgiveness come in along with unconditional love healing.

There was so much going on in his session and his story began to move quickly. We continued to work and clear the limiting beliefs, patterns, and programs around being the Captain of His Own Ship. We healed his anger, the anger he held against his self for some choices and decisions he had made in his life. We worked on healing his anger and resentment toward his self, his worthiness and unworthiness. We cleared him; we cleared his energy matrix so he can begin to feel calm, confident in his self.

As our time was coming to an end, he wanted me to focus on him being able to find more joy and happiness in his day to day life. I heard he needed to know and understand genuine gratitude. There were hardships, no thank you and fear that needed to be cleared around this topic for him and yes it did align with original topic and the past life. Then I looked at the clock and we had only a few minutes left so I wanted to take another look at that past life. I really wanted to close this story and help my client move forward in life without this struggle, this burden of never feeling good enough and always bringing lessons into his life of worthiness. And as I connected his healing to his future, I saw this past life finally resolve itself and this is what I saw. I saw this young man jump off his brother’s ship and drive into the water. I saw he was a swimmer and he loved the water, but he wanted to be in it not on top of it and then I saw he was the captain of his own ship. I saw people praising him, sending him gifts, and even throwing flowers upon his own ship. (He laughed). I then saw him swimming again, that he did not die and that he lived his life as a swimmer. I saw his swim the English Canal and many other canals. He story was finally resolved and healed, and we integrated all of this into his mind, body and soul.

Now, Roger (not his real name) scheduled his session during his lunch break at his office. He went to his office and closed and locked the door for privacy so we could have a hour session. I love hearing back from my clients, it is good practice to stay connected to your clients and he sent me a follow up that this is what happened to him after our session today. He said that the person that he had been having problems with for months come into his office and they had a heart to heart this afternoon. He said is was super deep and he really feels that we helped him shift something Big that has been holding him back in his life. He is grateful for the help and the changes to come.

My goal is to always help you get conclusion, a completion and that you topic shifts, That the energy behind it shifts and your feelings about it change permanently and you can easily find and create more joy and happiness in your life.

Copywriter Pamela Jackson, 2020. All Rights Reserved.