A Genetic Memory Can Spring Up Anywhere

A Genetic Memory can spring up anywhere and this is how I discovered a genetic memory while on vacation.

We went on a cruise for our anniversary and on one of our stops was a Caribbean Island. It was a Beautiful place but I hated it! I had no explanation for my anger but it was there. I had a terrible reaction and I wanted to understand why. So we decided to take a tour to learn the history of this beautiful island. On our tour we learned that this was the Queen’s favorite vacation spots and this was another one of her territories she would visit regularly.

I already knew I wasn’t a fan of British comedy or television but I never really explored it because it didn’t effect my daily life. Now unexpectedly I found myself with a deep anger towards a person I have never met? I have never experienced a trigger like this. I found it interesting and continue to explore these new feelings.

I was already on this spiritual path of learning the shamanic ways as a healer and offered past life healings and readings for many years. This was not new to me but it felt different, it was deeper but without a reason or a cause that I could understand or even describe. Past lives can and do run along genetics lines and we have a soul family that we continue to evolve and grow with on this timeline in the quantum field. I have worked in the Akashic Records for many years and have reviewed many of these timelines for healing, wisdom and clarity.

Science speaks. Fast forward several years when I had my DNA results done. I am 47% British, English, 44% Scottish, 8% Irish and 2% Europe, France and Germany.

History lesson: The Scott’s and Irish have fought each other but have been fighting the English forever. My ancestors who came to the America are the Quakers who where peaceful people but had to escape France and England to practice their religion or be persecuted, and back then they either burned you alive or cut your head off. It was not safe for many who wanted religious freedoms.

So, while I was on this beautiful island I did have genetic and past life memories triggered!

I am lucky that I have the tools that helps me shift negative feelings and emotions quickly and easily. Recently I found that I still had something there so I went deeper. What I have noticed since is that I have watched a couple a Netflix shows from or with British accents without being triggered and I am looking forward to being able to travel again to visit a territory of the Queen of England.

Mystic Pam Jackson

Stories from the Akashic Records.

I am attracted to the Akashic Records for many reasons. Most important, I have always been curios about people. My work as a healer has been inspired by the stories of others. It is one of my greatest blessings to work to help others heal and live full, meaningful lives.


Healing Crisis, The Side Effects of Healing!

If you have been detoxing for any reason you could be going through a healing crisis.

What is a Healing Crisis?

As the body releases and eliminates waste and toxins that have accumulated for so long, it is natural that this will induce a reaction on many levels. This temporary unpleasantness is what is referred to as a healing crisis.

Why am I so sick?

A difficult concept to grasp when undergoing a cleansing regimen is the detoxification symptoms that occur along the way. These unpleasant side effects are merely a necessary part of the healing process that we must endure so that we can experience the true benefits of a clean, healthy body.

What is going on with my body?

The turbulence that our bodies experience during detoxification can be scary– even horrifying at times. And if the detox occurs too rapidly, the symptoms can be mild or severe. So severe sometimes that death would be a welcome relief. This is what’s called the healing crisis. As the body eliminates the accumulated toxins and waste materials that have been stored for so long, it is natural that this will cause a reaction. Basically, we temporarily relive past conditions and illnesses as they are released. The good news is, once eliminated and released, we are free of future problems and diseases that arise from a toxic body.

How did this happen?

Detoxification can be induced through dietary changes such as going vegan or raw; water or juice fasting, herbal cleanses, healing, or spiritual events. The more toxins that have been accumulated, the sicker and more miserable you will be during a detox cleanse.

A healing crisis is usually identified by:

  • intense joint or muscle pain
  • severe headaches
  • fevers and chills
  • skin eruptions (acne, pimples, rashes)
  • insomnia
  • cramps
  • fatigue
  • mood swings
  • emotional-rollercoaster-type behavior

The fact that must be faced is that there will be some degree of discomfort as the body rids itself of the poisons and toxins that it has been burdened with for so long.

What should I do?

The symptoms are only indicators that everything is working properly, and the discomfort is temporary. If severe symptoms occur for more than 3 days or so, you can get some relief by slowing the detox:

  • Drink lots of clean, pure water
  • Get some sunshine and fresh air
  • Slow down and get plenty of rest
  • Drink Organic Juice, celery juice

So if you can hold on through the turbulent times and rough patches you’ll soon be greeted with radiant health and new possibilities.






Stop self-sabotage beliefs and patterns and heal your inner child.

I have always investigated ideas and programs to change limiting beliefs since I was very young. I used to wonder how our genetics and belief systems would play apart in our lives and our choices and even if we had free will.

My wound, my story began as a teenager. There were a lot of unkind and unsupportive choices that were made for me as a young woman. I was suddenly lost, alone and isolated. I felt ashamed and unworthy of life or love, so I stepped into a life of addiction and abuse that lasted for about 10 years. Then one day I stopped, all that craziness just stopped. I went to counseling and a year later I met my soul mate and he turned into my life partner. We had a family and 20 years went by.

But I still could not ever get past some major self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns and I just couldn’t figure out why? In those years I started and lost businesses and careers of all kinds, including a lot of money!

Well life is a journey and my kids were growing up and leaving home, my parents were dying, and I was starting to feel abandoned. alone and lost again but it was the grief that I could not shake this time.

There was no relief and a few months later I hit bottom emotional and I wanted to die, to end this life but I prayed instead, and I prayed for help, for guidance and for peace no matter what it looked like. Interesting how things show up but soon a metaphysical store opened in my community and before I knew it, I was drawn into some classes and workshops and then I was assisting and teaching others.

It was at one of these social events that I was attending when two ladies had partnered up to do past life readings and one of the ladies was a Thetahealer. My experience was amazing and when the Thetahealer offered her assistance and downloads. I felt my soul smiled for the first time in my life! My life changed almost instantly, and I found myself on a new path.

After that event in early 2012 I found a Thetahealer practitioner/instructor and scheduled a session for spiritual and emotional healing. In that session my bipolar was healed and I have not had any of the side effects of bi-polar since that session. It really has been amazing transformation!

Now I wanted to know more, I wanted to learn this program so in May 2012 I took thetahealing basic DNA class and in June I took the advanced DNA practitioner class. I began to practice and implement this meditation process in my daily life and into my healing practice.

I would continue working on my self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns, and I have used the digging process that thetahealing teaches us to find the bottom belief and to shift those beliefs. I continued to heal the rejection, and the isolation from my family. I have worked on my anger, my resentments and my regrets, I have cleared genetics and history beliefs in order to solve my self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors.

When I started working with the lessons and virtues of the laws is when things really started to turn around and my life really began to change. We learn about the 7 planes in thetahealing and the laws are in the 6 planes of existence. I then became an Instructor of thetahealing!

Thetahealing has helped me resolved Fear! I used to have this crazy fear of rats and I tried everything, every technique to resolve that fear but it was in a thetahealing class that the fear was finally resolved. When it comes to our health, disease and illness are usually very complicated, but I believe that thetahealing has healed me physical and my chronic kidney disease that I had been dealing with for more than 25 years. Today, I balance my body and hormones every day, week and month through my connection to the Creator.

I continue to work with other theta healers, and they have helped me through medical procedures, my own fears, limiting financial beliefs, self-sabotaging beliefs and so many other things.

It has been through thetahealing that I have finally found what I had been looking for all of my life to clear limiting beliefs, beliefs and patterns of our genetics and to clear past life karmic vows, oaths and contracts. I now have a connection to the creator which prior to me taking thetahealing classes I didn’t even know I believed in a creator, or a God.

Thetahealing has helped me heal emotionally! I honestly use to hate my life and because of thetahealing I have learned to love who I am, and what I have to offer, I have learned to listen to that inner voice, that quiet voice and I follow it with confidence that it is the right thing to do for me.

As I continued to clear limiting beliefs, patterns and programs, I was learning what it felt like to be loved, to be accepted and supported. I was learning through the creator of all that is, that I was worthy, and I deserved the life I only dreamed about and the self-sabotage began to shift and change. I was learning to set up boundaries and to believe in myself, my purpose and my mission in life and I stopped asking or needing anyone’s approval for me to be me. My inner child was beginning to heal and grow!

I have seen in my mind’s eye the inner child grows up and integrate into my clients, it is a lot of work, but it is a beautiful thing to be a witness too.

I love what I am doing, who I have become, and I love that I have created my most divine life using the thetahealing technique!

One of the things that I love doing are small group readings and clearings, they are fun and entertaining, and people heal. It is amazing to see people feel the creators touch for the first time even in group events.

Many of my clients find me because they realize they need spiritual and emotional healing from their  wounds to stop the cycle of self-sabotage. They see the unhealthy patterns of self-sabotage that they have created in their lives and they are ready for a change, but they don’t know how or why they do this.

My online sessions include readings, healings and downloads on the topic that my client wants to change, heal or transform. I try to help my clients clear about two or three topics in a session, but it depends on how the session flows, but I do move quickly, and a lot of information comes through in their session to help them to heal and resolve their topic.

In my private in-person session, it will include a scan as we talk, we will do some clearings and downloads before we move over to the healing table. Many of my clients love the healing work I do which includes me always being connect to the Creator of all that is and this makes their experience special and unique.

I have some downloads. Downloads is an energy, a feeling from the Creator, Source, God. If you would like these feelings just say yes and notice what you notice.

I know what it feels like to live free of self-sabotage.

I know how to live fearlessly and to be fearless in my life.

I know what if feels like to have wisdom and discernment as opportunities come into my life.

I know how to forgive myself and to accept forgiveness from others.

I know what it feels like to be supported in my choices.

I know it is safe and I deserve to feel love and supported in my life.

I know what it feels like to be wanted. 

I know what it feels like to receive love and that I deserve this love.

Check out my program to Stop Self-Sabotage and Heal your Inner Child for 20% off!


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Are you frozen or stuck in fear?

Many people are frozen in a “paralysis by analysis” mode and don’t end up making a choice in their life. They delay making a decision that must be made which creates anxiety, worry, and doubt.

Some people have fears of spiders, rats, or other small animals. Have you seen someone run when they see a spider or jump on some furniture if they see a mouse or a snake?

Then there are those that fear their own power, their own thoughts, their own strengths because if we step into this then others will have to either accept it or move on and that creates fear of abandonment and loss.

And I want you to know that one thing is for sure- what you fear you will attract; it is a huge magnet.

It is time to release Fear!

Fear will not help you move forward powerfully in your life serves no higher purpose to our goals. Fear is an illusion that we have created internally. When we release fear, we release limitations and limiting beliefs.

Fear stops your growth! By releasing fear, we then open our lives and our hearts up to divine interventions. Fear is our greatest challenge and our greatest enemy. By releasing this Fear, we can then step into our purpose and our mission here on earth.

Once we step beyond our conditioning, we will begin to grow by leaps and bounds.

What we must realize is that fear is powerless and as we release then we step into Love. Love is the true power. With Love, we can do anything and become anyone.

If you are ready to release your fears, but you don’t know-how let’s hop on a call and chat. I will help you identify your fears and how they’re keeping you stuck. Then, we’ll come up with a game plan to bust through those fears and step into your full power.

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The Laws of the Universe

wallpaper-life-flowe-beautiful-flower-meditation-buddha-grassThe Universal Laws have began to reveal themselves to me!

It seems I am ready to embark on the next journey, the journey of universal laws. I remember several weeks ago, in my conversation with the creator of all that is, that I was ready to learn the laws of the universe and today I have been shown two laws. Continue reading The Laws of the Universe