Stop self-sabotage beliefs and patterns and heal your inner child.

I have always investigated ideas and programs to change limiting beliefs since I was very young. I used to wonder how our genetics and belief systems would play apart in our lives and our choices and even if we had free will.

My wound, my story began as a teenager. There were a lot of unkind and unsupportive choices that were made for me as a young woman. I was suddenly lost, alone and isolated. I felt ashamed and unworthy of life or love, so I stepped into a life of addiction and abuse that lasted for about 10 years. Then one day I stopped, all that craziness just stopped. I went to counseling and a year later I met my soul mate and he turned into my life partner. We had a family and 20 years went by.

But I still could not ever get past some major self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns and I just couldn’t figure out why? In those years I started and lost businesses and careers of all kinds, including a lot of money!

Well life is a journey and my kids were growing up and leaving home, my parents were dying, and I was starting to feel abandoned. alone and lost again but it was the grief that I could not shake this time.

There was no relief and a few months later I hit bottom emotional and I wanted to die, to end this life but I prayed instead, and I prayed for help, for guidance and for peace no matter what it looked like. Interesting how things show up but soon a metaphysical store opened in my community and before I knew it, I was drawn into some classes and workshops and then I was assisting and teaching others.

It was at one of these social events that I was attending when two ladies had partnered up to do past life readings and one of the ladies was a Thetahealer. My experience was amazing and when the Thetahealer offered her assistance and downloads. I felt my soul smiled for the first time in my life! My life changed almost instantly, and I found myself on a new path.

After that event in early 2012 I found a Thetahealer practitioner/instructor and scheduled a session for spiritual and emotional healing. In that session my bipolar was healed and I have not had any of the side effects of bi-polar since that session. It really has been amazing transformation!

Now I wanted to know more, I wanted to learn this program so in May 2012 I took thetahealing basic DNA class and in June I took the advanced DNA practitioner class. I began to practice and implement this meditation process in my daily life and into my healing practice.

I would continue working on my self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns, and I have used the digging process that thetahealing teaches us to find the bottom belief and to shift those beliefs. I continued to heal the rejection, and the isolation from my family. I have worked on my anger, my resentments and my regrets, I have cleared genetics and history beliefs in order to solve my self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors.

When I started working with the lessons and virtues of the laws is when things really started to turn around and my life really began to change. We learn about the 7 planes in thetahealing and the laws are in the 6 planes of existence. I then became an Instructor of thetahealing!

Thetahealing has helped me resolved Fear! I used to have this crazy fear of rats and I tried everything, every technique to resolve that fear but it was in a thetahealing class that the fear was finally resolved. When it comes to our health, disease and illness are usually very complicated, but I believe that thetahealing has healed me physical and my chronic kidney disease that I had been dealing with for more than 25 years. Today, I balance my body and hormones every day, week and month through my connection to the Creator.

I continue to work with other theta healers, and they have helped me through medical procedures, my own fears, limiting financial beliefs, self-sabotaging beliefs and so many other things.

It has been through thetahealing that I have finally found what I had been looking for all of my life to clear limiting beliefs, beliefs and patterns of our genetics and to clear past life karmic vows, oaths and contracts. I now have a connection to the creator which prior to me taking thetahealing classes I didn’t even know I believed in a creator, or a God.

Thetahealing has helped me heal emotionally! I honestly use to hate my life and because of thetahealing I have learned to love who I am, and what I have to offer, I have learned to listen to that inner voice, that quiet voice and I follow it with confidence that it is the right thing to do for me.

As I continued to clear limiting beliefs, patterns and programs, I was learning what it felt like to be loved, to be accepted and supported. I was learning through the creator of all that is, that I was worthy, and I deserved the life I only dreamed about and the self-sabotage began to shift and change. I was learning to set up boundaries and to believe in myself, my purpose and my mission in life and I stopped asking or needing anyone’s approval for me to be me. My inner child was beginning to heal and grow!

I have seen in my mind’s eye the inner child grows up and integrate into my clients, it is a lot of work, but it is a beautiful thing to be a witness too.

I love what I am doing, who I have become, and I love that I have created my most divine life using the thetahealing technique!

One of the things that I love doing are small group readings and clearings, they are fun and entertaining, and people heal. It is amazing to see people feel the creators touch for the first time even in group events.

Many of my clients find me because they realize they need spiritual and emotional healing from their  wounds to stop the cycle of self-sabotage. They see the unhealthy patterns of self-sabotage that they have created in their lives and they are ready for a change, but they don’t know how or why they do this.

My online sessions include readings, healings and downloads on the topic that my client wants to change, heal or transform. I try to help my clients clear about two or three topics in a session, but it depends on how the session flows, but I do move quickly, and a lot of information comes through in their session to help them to heal and resolve their topic.

In my private in-person session, it will include a scan as we talk, we will do some clearings and downloads before we move over to the healing table. Many of my clients love the healing work I do which includes me always being connect to the Creator of all that is and this makes their experience special and unique.

I have some downloads. Downloads is an energy, a feeling from the Creator, Source, God. If you would like these feelings just say yes and notice what you notice.

I know what it feels like to live free of self-sabotage.

I know how to live fearlessly and to be fearless in my life.

I know what if feels like to have wisdom and discernment as opportunities come into my life.

I know how to forgive myself and to accept forgiveness from others.

I know what it feels like to be supported in my choices.

I know it is safe and I deserve to feel love and supported in my life.

I know what it feels like to be wanted. 

I know what it feels like to receive love and that I deserve this love.

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Creating Spiritual Wealth

Everyone could make wealth, but the problem often is that a person is too preoccupied with negativity that the eye fails to see. The following are limited belief systems that are firmly established in the human psyche that blinds the eye hindering the possibility of creating wealth.

  • The creation of wealth is directly proportional to the amount of hard work that a person is willing to take.

At the start yes, there is no substitute for that. After all, the person that desires to create more wealth will have to conceptualize, experiment, study and will, on many occasions be willing to make mistakes to learn more. Once the hard part is over, (for the most part it takes only a while) the person could hire hands to do the working for him. There is no one person on earth who is a depository of all knowledge after all. When that happens all that the entrepreneur must do is provide directions based on lessons learned.

  • To amass wealth, you must be in the right business.

But truly, what is right business and what is not? This principle drives people crazy. When the internet café for example was just starting, everyone scrambled to dip their fingers to have one. Instead, start a business from things that you love most doing. The interest will be sustained that will be needed when encountering rough times. Even when a craze is started because of that, no one will do it better than the person who started it.

  • You cannot start a business without enough capital.

Again, what is enough capital? There are businesses, lots of them that started from nothing. Capital is needed whenever available but when the idea is there, the enthusiasm and the energy is capital enough. No successful businessman today started with large capital. In fact most of them started with almost nothing.

  • The idea has to be right.

Agreed, but if someone keeps on looking for it, a good idea will start somehow somewhere. The best person to be looking for ideas is the self. The things that the person loved doing or the make believe that the person enjoys when still a child is enough material for an idea.

  • Education is needed to start a business.

Wrong. Education is needed when seeking employment. When starting a business, goodwill is good enough. All successful businessmen for the last two hundred years were dropouts, have little education, or are simple sturdy people who refused to be satisfied with whatever chance and fortune came their way.

  • I am too old – is again another fallacy.

Many businesses have been established and made successful from retirement money. When there is the desire to succeed, success it will be.

More than any of these, there should be a desire to do well. Successful businesses that lasted are anchored on that. It is the desire to make a change for the better. To spot a need and to fill that need is easy; to create wealth from filling the need is easier too.

Pam has been an enterpurneur for many years and comes from a long line of self employeed family members. If you are ready to remove your limiting beliefs, limiting thought forms and start creating change in your divine life and in your spiritual wealth. Contact Pam for a Free consultation to discuss the opportunities she has created with you in mind.

I love life but it wasn’t always like that.

Hi, my name is Pam Jackson and I am a medical intuitive, spiritual coach and a master energy healer.

I have a great life now, but it wasn’t always like that. My family was emotionally unstable, and we were not given any tools to grow emotionally and that created a life of hardships, poor decisions and a lot of mistakes made as an adult.

My parents and their siblings struggled with addictions and they influenced their children to self-medicate and have their own addiction issues. This devil has touched every single person in my family in one way or another. I remember growing up and thinking” am I cursed, as I have been told by my brother and cousins?” I also wondered if I could ever break this cycle and what would I have to do to do that?

My earliest memory of reading about the power of our thoughts was probably when I was a teenager. I was curious if it was possible? Could it be possible? Could there be a way to change my mind, my thoughts, my behavior and create a different life for myself? A seed was planted!

My story, my struggle comes from choices made for me and about me from the time I was 16-18 years old. I felt my life was not mine and I had no control over it because there were many choices made for me and that created my life story, my wound.

Not only did I feel unworthy of life or living, but I also had my first emotional breakdown at 17. I tried to kill myself but everything I tried hurt more than the pain I was feeling. Then after 2 years of not being successful at hurting myself, I started to attract men who had no problem with hurting and hitting me. This continued for the next 8 years until one day when I had done enough self-work to know I had to get out of that life, and I did.

I went to counseling, AA and AL-Anon and I felt I was healed and continued mapping out my new life in the corporate world. I met my soulmate who turned into my life partner and we raised a family together. During this time, I suffered from bipolar, depression, major health problems, and surgeries that changed me and my life in so many ways. I lived on hydrocodone for years and because of my health problems, it was easy to get. That life went on for 20 years until the day my mother died of cancer. Her death did not solve any of our problems if anything it created more for me. I started drinking again, I was angry.

Then my father died, and I was alone. The grief consumed me, and it consumed my life, and then my life started falling apart. I lost my job, we were losing our home, my family was falling apart, and I just wanted to die. It was bad! My husband didn’t know what to do but he did stay with me, told me he loved me and that he and our boys couldn’t live with me hurting myself. Another seed was planted!

I was having another bad day when I decided to pray to God for Peace, that was all I wanted just some peace and I didn’t care what that looked like. It seemed like days, but I am sure it was more like weeks when a business opened in my community offering Reiki classes. I felt the pull to take that class and didn’t really know what I was getting into or what was about to happen to me.

I know myself; I know that I am spiritual by nature and I have gifts and “a knowing” that others don’t, but it wasn’t until I stepped into the spiritual world did I fully begin to understand myself and discover my purpose and my path in this life. I have always used natural and alternative techniques for healing, and Reiki taught me how to begin to apply healing to myself. It taught me more about myself than I ever knew or realized and what I was hiding from and hiding from the world. Reiki taught me the structure that was missing. I learned how to focus my intent, and how to send unconditional love healing to anyone that wanted it. I gained knowledge and wisdom as I worked and learned from others in this field and it opened so many doors for me. I now am a master Reiki teacher and offer Reiki classes to my clients and students who want to learn to self-heal or to become an energy healer.

But it was thetahealing that healed me on a deep level, it healed my soul and made me feel whole and complete for the first time in my life. In my first session with a Thetahealer practitioner my bi-polar was healed and that night my soul smiled. The next day I signed up to learn more about this thetahealing meditation technique from an instructor because I wasn’t getting it from the book on my own. I didn’t believe it worked for me. Why would it work for me? You needed to believe in God, and I didn’t know if I did or if there was a god. I took the Basic DNA class and I still struggled with this connection, but I wanted it and I knew I deserved it somehow, so I went to my next class.

I started practicing the techniques and processes that are taught in this class with me and my clients. I was seeing miraculous results in my clients and in their lives as I continue to work with the tools that are taught in thetahealing and reiki. I continued to work on myself, my self-sabotaging patterns, my anger, and my resentments and I started changing.

I worked through my limitations, fears, and doubts using the processes I use now for my clients. I have learned to set up healthy boundaries and let go of judgments. My goal has always been to change patterns and programs that were given to me through my genetics that I felt blocked me and blocked me from achieving my goals, my dreams or my purpose in life and cleared them for my consciousness, the unconscious, super subconscious, and even the group consciousness.

Today, I am a master energy healer and a medical intuitive who offers spiritual coaching and healing sessions.

I want to show you a way to change your life no matter what you feel or believe at this moment. I want you to know that you are special, and that you have gifts from God and that you are worthy of that and so much more. I will help you release and clear old stuck energy as I scan you to help you manifest and create the most amazing life that you desire. We will get right to work after I know what you want me to focus on and help you clear. I can go very deep within your emotional body to find where you are holding limiting patterns that have you stuck in life. We will discover why life had to be a struggle for you and shift that energy for you. I will teach you to let go of the hardships and step into the allowance of unconditional love that is there for you, and by doing this your divine life will begin to unfold in the most amazing, simple and easy way.

If you find my story interesting and think that I can help you heal your wound and heal that story that has you stuck. My name is Pam Jackson, my website is

Thank you for listening and may you be blessed. Namaste

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