Journeys and Messages

Love is the key

loveIn my last course of study I learned and realized that if we talk to our bodies and organs that they will respond and heal. Many of us haven’t heard of doing this or why we would want to do this. When I began my Intuitive Anatomy course I had no idea the depth of what I would be learning.

I began by learning to remote view into our bodies and our organs. I have been remote reviewing for decades.  I learned to listen to them and I began to hear tones within the body. I could ride the waves of our blood cells as they traveled throughout our bodies and go into each organ and ask and see what emotion is hidden in there and why. I became a witness to our healing abilities that we all have when we focus on the inside and step out of our ego.

When I began to listen to my organs I was amazed that they responded. I also learned if we give our bodies and organs what it needs it will heal. One of the things our bodies needs is LOVE. Our bodies feel so under appreciated for all that it does for us. In reviewing the body, I soon realized what a miracle it is. When I realized this I saw how important it was to nourish our bodies with proper foods and water.

Now I am regulating my body and organs. I am very excited to be on this journey of discovering and healing on levels I never knew or understood until the last couple of years. The one advice I would give to each of you is to really LOVE your body. It will respond in ways you never knew existed.

Mystic Pam Jackson