Akashic~His Past Life with Einstien

ancient aliens EinsteinRecently in one of my Akashic Group events I had 3 new people who I have never met and they never have heard or met me before today. These are the best because we have no history and it allows information to come through freely and in a nonjudgmental way.

I open the group and the Akashic together but reviewed them separately.

I was drawn into the Akashic of one of the members and was met with little gray men. Yup little gray men, aliens. Well like I said in this type of environment it is easier to share the stuff you can’t make up. 

So I was shown he was a chemist, an alchemist in many lives and I was taken to one that was about 150 million years ago. He was with a group of alien scientist who followed a mediator to earth, it landed in the Russia region. I was shown this several times, until there was a connection or an understanding and it wasn’t until the last visit to this time and space did I understand all this information. Anyway, he was an alchemist and collected specimens, plants, water, minerals and crystals, this was before any of our kind (humans) we were not on their agenda.

I was shown he also had a life during Einstein, he was a friend of sorts. They had attended school together and would come together off and on throughout their lives to create or work on a project and then move on.

I was shown he was a scientist or chemist in another life when I finale ask him if he had a connection to these stories. He did confirm at that time he was an alchemist, a chemist in this life! He made a living in chemistry and have always been an alchemist and loved to mix and create.

I was then given more information on the grays, the aliens. That they have always been around but backed up for a few years while he was growing up and maturing. They have been back for a while now and come to give him his knowledge back and that he needs to be writing all this information down.

He has so much knowledge and that he needs to get on this quickly. We talked about it and he had agreed to record his dreams and the information moving forward and that a future student can transcribe them for him at a later time.

He has had many lives in and on other plants, moon and stations and many here on earth but more out there than then here. He did confirm that he was a star person and he always knew he was.

I was shown a life as a alien under water and was taken back to Russia and the meteorite that hit that area.

Yea I know, right, we just can’t make this stuff up! He did confirm that the information and stories that came through he understood and was able to connect to.

Mystic Pam Jackson

Barriers to Healing

5003021Healing is more than just about maintaining a positive state of physical wellness. Healing encompasses the four major forces that comprise our existence: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. If one or more of these areas is not functioning optimally, then we are in need of healing to bring those forces back into balance. We can be physically healthy but if our relationships with others are rife with conflict, we are in need of healing. Conversely, we can be physically compromised in some way, but if we have accepted that state and embraced a new way of living, we can consider ourselves to be healing because we are not rejecting what is physically not “working” but rather, seeing it as an integral aspect of what makes us who we are.

Still here, still healing

Ram Dass, in his book, Still Here, speaks with honesty and grace about experiencing, rejecting and then eventually coming to terms with his physical limitations following a stroke. A well-respected spiritual teacher, he traveled the world giving talks and doing workshops, and was an avid golf player. He talks about the effect that the stroke had on him and how he eventually made the shift towards a state of healing by accepting that his life had fundamentally changed and resisting the temptation to manifest his symptoms within his identity:

“After any major physical “insult,” as they call it, it’s all too easy to see yourself as a collection of symptoms rather than as a total human being, including your spirit – and thus to become your illness…Healing is not the same as curing, after all; healing does not mean going back to the way things were before, but rather allowing what is now to move us closer to God.”

Barriers to healing

Why is it that we sometimes don’t heal as we should? How does a simple injury or illness suddenly rage out of control, spinning off new chronic conditions and wearing down the body? Why do some people, after going through a difficult phase in their life, have trouble moving forward?

Sometimes we don’t heal because medicine or counseling can only treat one aspect of the problem we’re experiencing. People who are chronically sick may need to make lifestyle changes – dietary modifications, some form of exercise, stress reduction techniques or set healthy boundaries in their relationships with others – in order to see a major shift in their overall quality of their health.

People who have experienced trauma often continue to manifest symptoms in their bodies long after the event occurred because on an emotional or spiritual level, the wound is still raw. A study published in the January 2009 issue of Archives of General Psychiatry has shown that children who were traumatized by some form of physical or emotional abuse are more likely to develop chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) as adults. There may be other reasons adults develop CFS, including environmental triggers or an inflammatory response that went haywire (again, also traumas of their own) but it’s important to note that unresolved deep traumas do continue to play out in our lives long after the event has passed. Even if we do acknowledge those traumas, we may not have fully integrated the experience so that deep healing can occur. Depending on the nature of the trauma, it can take time, commitment and one or more approaches to facilitate the healing process.

Sometimes people do not heal because they are resistant in some way. Either they have received so much negative reinforcement about being sick in the form of attention – from doctors, family or other caregivers – that they have trouble letting go psychologically of their identity as a “sick” person. Other reasons people do not heal is because on some level, they don’t believe they are worthy of being well. If they suffer from low self-esteem or were made to feel at some point in their life that they do not deserve to be happy or have good things happen to them, it can be difficult to let go of negative mental conditioning that allows illness to manifest and take residence. These are not “bad” or “messed-up” people. They have just been conditioned for a long time to believe and integrate their experiences in these ways, and healing cannot begin to occur until they recognize those patterns and process them differently.

Mystic Pam Jackson