Tips on Meditation


I have been meditating most of my life, well off and on all of my life. I have always found peace, clarity, and creativity through my practice of meditating.

For beginners I have and highly suggest to use guided meditation and work up and through all the absolutely amazing guided, musical, tones, chanting and just plain silence while listening to the heart beat. Don’t give up and don’t have such high expectation of your experience, it is a process.

Try to set this time aside just for you, no tv, internet or cell phones, this is very important time for you and you deserve it. Finding your own space is just as important for your mediation practice, although we can mediate anywhere having a special place that invites us to sit for a moment for time with and for you is very enlightening.

You can find many guided meditation for free on YouTube and it is an excellent resource to figure out which process will work best for you. Try them all because you may surprise yourself what you end up liking and can relax too.

You begin with setting your intention to have a 10-15 minute meditation session about love. (here you would pick a your own specific topic)

Meditation doesn’t have to be a long dreaded experience. In the beginning focus on just 5 minutes or 10, which every feels more comfortable and be aware of your thoughts. Don’t push them back down or out of your mind, just allow and notice what they are and say thank you and release them to be transformed for you.

Your mind can and will drift and dream, when you become aware of it just send your attention to your heart and your heart space.

I offer a free meditation for reconnecting to mother earth, clearing out your chakras and reconnecting you to source.

The reason you want to sit up straight is one, so you don’t fall asleep. In the beginning this can prove to be a bit difficult, by sitting up straight this will help. You will also notice that the energy is running up and down your spin, clearing out your energy center or chakras. Allowing energy/chi to flow freely also allows energy blockages to be revealed and healed.

Meditation also allows you to learn to be in silence, in peace and quiet without the need of noise. You will learn to love yourself unconditionally and be in your own presence.

The universe is abundant and there are laws of the universe that states this and through meditation you will begin your road to understanding and growing into understanding everything including yourself.

Mystic Pam Jackson

A Past Life in Durango


Recently I was blessed to offer a young man an Akashic Soul Record Reading. This reading and healing session brought in loved ones with many messages and some where pretty point blank and a little blunt. I didn’t know or did I ask what his topic was we just opened his records and asked his question but allowed his message to come through (loud and clear).

He wanted to know if things where going to turn around in his favor. The answer he received was if he got his shit together. He needed to forgive himself and that God has already forgiven him and to remind him that every single person on this planet has made a mistake. Own it, learn from it and focus on your goals. His family also needed him to make some calls and have some simple but effect conversations so things can begin to heal and return to normal.

He wanted to know about any jobs or career. He was told there was a difference between a hand out and a hand up, and they wanted that explained to him and they wanted to make sure he got it. To look for opportunities and to beware of his thoughts as they are manifesting very fast. I was shown a that he should look for a job in a warehouse and as a fork lift driver. To remind him that life is about steps and each step you learn so you can move on to the next step. That is how you move forward in life and get what you want in life. He was also given information on his education and some other opportunities to be open about.

I was shown he had a life in Durango, Mexico. He was a goat header, I saw a man who had several wives/women in different villages. This man was independent, he liked being alone at times and cherished those times in the mountains. He confirmed he didn’t like to settle down with one lady at this time and he does enjoy his alone time. That the message for him was that he needed to experience being on a mountain. To look down and the look up and feel and experience on top on the world, to feel that so he could manifest that in his life.

Durango Mexico is known for a couple of things but mostly it is first know for the land of scorpions and many movies have been made in Durango. It was an important part of the Mexico War.

His family in the Akashic wanted him to know how blessed he was and they wanted him to understand that he has so many opportunities available to him. He just has look for them or recognized them but it was time to look for them and to look for synchronicities in life and follow that as a clue.

He was given his power animal of a Giraffe. A giraffe was confirming all the messages that came through. To keep his head up,, to have faith, and trust his gut regarding his situation. He will achieve his goals but will need to reach for it. Keep his eyes on the possibilities that just on the horizon.

He was also given an eagle. An eagle can symbolize new beginnings and new opportunities. Whatever you put out , good or bad will return fast than before. Detach and rise above your mundane and current situation.

There where messages of healing for him and his family. Messages of guidance, love and understanding. There where messages of that someone has always been watching over you. He was told that they have been talking to him in his sleep. He said he never remember his dreams and he was told to just say at night, “I will begin to remember my dreams”. Simple!

When you work in a person’s records you know that only the information that they are ready to receive will be given.

Mystic Pam Jackson