Akashic Soul Records

A Past Life with Albert Einstein

Recently in one of my Akashic Group events I had 3 new people who I have never met and they never have heard or met me before today. These are the best because we have no history and it allows information to come through freely and in a nonjudgmental way.

I open the group and the Akashic together but reviewed them separately.

I was drawn into the Akashic of one of the members and was met with little gray men. Yup little gray men, aliens. Well like I said in this type of environment it is easier to share the stuff you can’t make up. 

So I was shown he was a chemist, an alchemist in many lives and I was taken to one that was about 150 million years ago. He was with a group of alien scientist who followed a mediator to earth, it landed in the Russia region. I was shown this several times, until there was a connection or an understanding and it wasn’t until the last visit to this time and space did I understand all this information. Anyway, he was an alchemist and collected specimens, plants, water, minerals and crystals, this was before any of our kind (humans) we were not on their agenda.

I was shown he also had a life during Einstein, he was a friend of sorts. They had attended school together and would come together off and on throughout their lives to create or work on a project and then move on.

I was shown he was a scientist or chemist in another life when I finale ask him if he had a connection to these stories. He did confirm at that time he was an alchemist, a chemist in this life! He made a living in chemistry and have always been an alchemist and loved to mix and create.

I was then given more information on the grays, the aliens. That they have always been around but backed up for a few years while he was growing up and maturing. They have been back for a while now and come to give him his knowledge back and that he needs to be writing all this information down.

He has so much knowledge and that he needs to get on this quickly. We talked about it and he had agreed to record his dreams and the information moving forward and that a future student can transcribe them for him at a later time.

He has had many lives in and on other plants, moon and stations and many here on earth but more out there than then here. He did confirm that he was a star person and he always knew he was.

I was shown a life as a alien under water and was taken back to Russia and the meteorite that hit that area.

Yea I know, right, we just can’t make this stuff up! He did confirm that the information and stories that came through he understood and was able to connect to.

Copywriter Pamela Jackson 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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