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Her sacred soul journey

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She sat across me and as I gazed beyond her physical body that is when I saw her angel. Her angel was large, pink and she told me my client has an angelic energy and was a very compassionate person. The angel told me that her teaching in this life is from the Law of Vibration and all the other laws underneath it and its virtues. My client and I talked for a few minutes to determine what topic she needed my assistance with on this sacred soul journey she is on.

We got up from our chairs and I proceeded doing some cord cutting to release anything that was not of love and above. As I released these cords, the stories began to come in. Her story was becoming clearer as we began the journey of clearing and releasing her from her past.

She had told me earlier that she had grown up in a very religious community and I was now being shown that she has had 16 lives in some sort of religious position. She was a minister of the catholic faith, ministers of other faiths, a nun three times, a monk, a Buddhist and even a knight during the resonance period. I asked her if she always felt and knew that what she was being taught by her strict upbringing had her rebel against that teaching and had her push the boundaries of her religion and her religious family. Yes she said as she confirmed that and then she laughed when I asked her if she has always known a different truth than that what was being taught to her and others. I was told that she also had training and teachings on the other side so she has brought back with her in this life a knowing that she has just began to understand.

This is when I heard that being labeled a black sheep in a family is incorrect and that we are actually the light for that family and within that family unit. That we have it wrong in our understanding of how we are bringing in this new light and reconnecting us to this energy of light and love or this energy we call god.

Her knighthood was with the Templar’s of England and she is not the first I have seen to have a life during this time period, including myself. In that life she was a man and her daughters now where her sons in that lifetime.  She was instrumental during the medieval and renaissance period in the spread of the teachings of Christ. I was shown two lives she had with her daughters and both ended too soon and they are together again to live a longer and fuller life together.

As I worked in her history and her DNA on her father’s side I was shown that 6 generations back is where this current problem is that her family had been dealing with for several generations. That her son physical features come from her fathers side of the family. Her son however is a soul mate, there is a great love there that no one can understand or come close too. The life I was shown was a life were it ended too soon for them both and they are here this time to continue their sacred soul journey together again. Her son is a warrior of love and there is a lot of compassion in this life, he is larger than life and great things will come from him.

When I went to her other side to work with the energies of the women in her life including DNA and past life work. Her mother stepped forward with messages of love. I saw her mother give her a red rose and then a yellow rose. When I asked her if her and her mother where like best friends she did confirm that was true. There was a request to do healing on and for her mother on the other side to help her move further in her soul journey. She gave me permission and it was done, she was grateful as she moved forward and we continued our sacred soul healing journey together.

I was shown that her sisters were like beautiful peacocks but they act more like ostrich. They were scared and preferred to live life not knowing but they should be armed with knowledge and information instead. By acting like nothing will happen to them or their daughters is not what they should be doing at this time. They are worrying because they don’t know and this is causing the law of attraction to go into effect. They will and are attracting what they fear and it is best to arm yourself with information and knowledge to make wise decisions.


To my surprise her book of life came forward and opened up to me. I told her what I was seeing and hearing. She now, today, right now she could clear out karma and move forward in learning her lessons from a place of love and grace. She needed to give permission for this to happen and she quickly said yes and I saw the pages of karma being released into the light of the creator. I saw the light change the energy of the pages, transform them and new pages where put in place of the old bad karma.

In the beginning she said she loved God and that she believes God loves her. When I went up to look, she was disconnected for creator’s light and energy and then the work began to align her again. I was told to explain how I was able to help myself and others by changing around a few words which helped me heal that aspect that didn’t like or was angry at the concept of a god and an angry god. This energy we call god and the creator has helped me accept that there is an energy greater than all and we are all connected to it. Also I have been told by my guides that this energy of the creator experiences life through us and our experiences on this sacred soul journey. There is no judgement ever from this energy we call god but we think there is so this in itself will create a disconnect from god, source or this energy we call god.  Working and aligning the chakras is also part of re-alignment to this source energy but we go all the way up, clearing blockages as we go up to the iridescent light of the creator until there is finally a clear and bright connection once again. I have seen this one technique change people in miraculous ways.

She did ask if there was a life with her husband and as I looked I was told that is not for now and it will wait for another time. More information came through for her as I scanned her body and organs and all that information was given to her through intuitive anatomy. We then moved on to sound healing and a sacred soul journey into her own healing process. Now she can allow clarity to come in; dots will be connecting as she did receive so many answers to her questions. Her original topic has been transformed now and forever as she continues on her sacred soul journey and as she discovers new awareness, thought patterns and hidden beliefs for healing and transformation but in a more loving and compassionate way moving forward.

Copywriter Pamela Jackson 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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