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The Galactic Records

I noticed in 2018 I was off my game a bit, then I saw one of my previous reiki students offering a sound healing group meetup in August so I decided to go. We have worked together before and I usually have wonderful downloads and clarity when we work together either privately or in groups. I went to this sound healing event with a very specific intent, I always use intent when I attend spiritual events such as this. My intent was to ask to meet my new spirit guide. I had felt Metatron and Thoth had left but I was told that day I didn’t need a new spiritual guide at this time and that I was my own guide for now. I giggled at the thought but said okay and went on about my days.

Intent is Everything!

It was in December that I first heard that it was time for me to move into the Galactic Records. That I have done the work in the Akashic Records and in the group consciousness on this level that needed to be done. I have served humanity on this planet and now it was time for me to move into the Galactic Records.

Well of course my first plan of action was to google it and I really couldn’t and haven’t find anything since on the internet that comes close to want I just heard and seen in my minds eye. So I dropped it and moved on.

Now that we are 24 days into January, I have meet this new Galactic Being that has been referred to me as my future self. She is tall, elegant and knowledgeable, she moves or rather seems to float in and out of spaces. She is alien like as she seems to have no hair anywhere on her body. She wears a long robe and she is bright in color (not blue as the image I have posted). This is the best way I can describe her at the moment.

Changes are coming!

I see her coming into my space, I have seen her integrate into me as she brings me her strength, wisdom and knowledge. She seems to be with me always. I can just think of her and I know I am her and she is me, we are one.

I can’t even image what my life will look like in 2019 but I know it is going to be interesting as my spiritual journey now continues into the Galactic Records. I look forward to writing and sharing this journey with all of you as we discover these records together. Many Blessings to you all.

Copywriter Pamela Jackson 2019. All Rights Reserved.

Spiritual & Intuitive Coaching

I am conscious living in an unconscious world!

It all started in 2010 and since that time I have done massive amounts of clearing work on myself and my soul.

I have released layers and layers of karmic healing from this life time and many others.

I healed my soul on levels many will never understand or obtain.

I have forgiven myself and others on levels I was not even aware of that needed to be forgiven.

I have searched within and found hidden emotions so deep that they too were healed and released.

I continue to go deeper within.

There are times I had to shut down to integrate all the layers of healing and upgrades that I have received.

The emotional healing that I have done was not for me alone as in the Law of One we are all connected.

This has been my souls purpose which I have honored and welcomed.

The level of energy emotional and spiritual healing that I have done goes beyond words or any written books available.

It has been a daily cleansing and clearing that I do as I continue to look into the darkness and bring it into the light.

I am conscious living in an unconscious world!

I am timeless as we were created in the beginning to be and we will continue to grow and expand throughout time.

I have learned to see and believe, to trust and to honor all aspects of myself.

I will continue!

Copywriter Pamela Jackson 2019. All Rights Reserved.