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The Akashic Soul Records

I have discovered many people just don’t know or understand what the Akashic Records are or how they can apply an Akashic Soul Records Intuitive Reading into their current lives or even what to ask or even who may come through. I will try to explain from my own point of view of the records.

For hundreds and even thousand of years the Akashic was only available by specific spiritual teachers. Spiritual people that practiced meditation, prayer and some people accidental tapped into it; such as Edward Casey.

The Akashic Soul Records is a energetic or vibrational place outside of our current awareness or view. The records is YOUR personal place that YOUR soul’s journey is recorded by Spiritual Light Beings. Every thought, word and every life-and-death experience is recorded there. My understanding is that our soul is on a journey of growth and expansion. Not only is your journey being recorded there but your family and friends all have an Akashic Soul Record that is being recorded at the same time.

Many people want future predictions for love, money and health. The Akashic can give you some incites on these types of questions but this is not a psychic reading or an avenue for future predictions. I have been told we have many options and possibilities and all are correct for our growth. We can always ask and allow the guidance to come through.

In love we can have many soul mates, as soul mates are souls we have had a connection to in other lives and life times. Those connections can change, grow and heal to heal those relationships on a very deep soul level. To fulfill soul contracts, vows and oaths on a soul level, which can be healed by reviewing your own records and your connections to the people in your current life.

In money, we can ask why or what blockages are in our way. What is our purpose and which path will bring us to the highest level of attunements, healing and growth by fulfilling our purpose. We can also look at the vows, oaths and contracts around money, wealth and abundance to see if there is something significant to this experience.

With health, you can ask any question around health, fears and phobias to come to a healing of those lessons, vows, oaths and contracts also.

For me as I review the Akashic Soul Records a healing takes place. A spiritual healing on a level many have never experienced before. I also find that connections and understandings can be obtained through the review of your records. New insights and understandings can be obtained and integrated into your knowledge base.

So we answered the what but what about the who. Who is in YOUR records? You will hear many mystic and intuitive readers say your Master, Teachers and Loved Ones, which is true but who are they you may ask. Loved ones can be loved ones you known in this life also in other lives that may not been in this life. The Masters are the beings who have obtained a high or the highest level of growth, such as Jesus, Buddha and many others. Teachers are everyone and are interchangeable. My experience is the teacher stays or visits with you until you are ready for the next one. As you experience new things in your life your teacher could change to help you through the level of learning or integration.

Questions? You can ask any question but that does not mean you will get an answer or the answer you are wanting to hear. You receive answers that you are ready for. Events and stories may come through to help you understand the connection or why you are going through this experience. People or light beings may come through and share insights to your questions. You may also get nothing on a question because you are not ready for the answer or they want you to ask in a different manner that will offer you insight into your own questions.

Now you may wonder why you would want an Akashic Soul Record Reading. I stated above that you can experience a healing on a very spiritual and soul level but there is more. You may get the answers to your life questions or begin to understand your life purpose. You could also begin to connect the dots of your life and the choices and decisions you have made. We all should invest in ourselves and in our growth through this life. As I have continued my journey into the records and healed many levels of my life which has also created ripple effects through out my life, my family both alive and those that have crossed over. I am more connected to life, God and family. I trust more than I ever have and I have an understanding about my purpose more than most have even put thought into.

My purpose is to help you in your growth and your journey on this plane of existence. To help you to review limiting beliefs and thoughts and to help you to change those for your happiness and joy. I believe we no longer have to go through our lives with struggles and limitations that we inherited through our families. Many times just by putting light on a topic creates huge shifts and changes in our beliefs and in our lives for the better. When we remove the fear and the blockages, gain new insights and understandings we begin to make different choices and even better choices for us and for those we love.

Copywriter Pamela Jackson 2016. All Rights Reserved.