Past Lives are Coming Up to Clear!

This week in my readings a lot of past lives have popped up. I mean many past lives in one reading healing session. This is an example of an hour reading and healing session with a student this week.

PiratesThe first past life was a life as a pirate. Ah matey! I saw a young man, a captain of his own ship. He was labeled a private because of stealing from the rich but at the same time I saw he wanted to be apart of the majority but always felt he was being played by the elite so he would steal from them because of these feelings.

This did indeed resonate with my client from stealing to feeling like his is a minority, an outsider always looking in. This doesn’t mean he wants to be included with specific groups of people but more of the isolation of not being included and always feeling left out.


The next past life that came through was a time during the crusades. I saw a young boy, he was in torn clothing and barefoot, watching the men, the solders of the crusades matching past him on their beautiful horses. Then I continued to watch the story unfold I saw this young boy turn into a young man. He was not strong and seemed sickly and as I continued to watch I would discover this young man would die by the age of 21 never fulfilling his dream of being a part of the Crusades of Europe for Christ.

This also resonated with my client as his young life he has struggled with his health and even obtaining his dreams and goals.

rich-man-and-lazarusOur next past life was an old man, he look homeless as he worn torn and ragged cloths. But was he? This was a story similar to Howard Hughes. He was a man of wealth and riches but now he was old, alone and didn’t want anyone to know who he was. He was hording and hiding from his truth.

My client didn’t comment much on this story as he stayed silent as I proceeded to tell him the story as it unfolded. I do know he has worked on his abundance and the law of attraction so we brought in those lessons that was learned at that time into this life time and resolved that past life.

ku_klux_klanThen we went into a past life or maybe it was a genetic memory of a grandfather being associated with the evils of the Klan. It seemed it was in the 1960’s which was before his time but the story was graphic and horrific. As I shared this story I been to do a healing on our country as well as in our genetics. I was guided to do a healing the soul’s that was suffered the horrific events that I witnessed and I released the suffer of all from that story.

Due to the current times and nature of what is going on in our country we figured this very well was a genetic memory and did all the unconditional love healing that we were guided to do by the creator.

In all my readings and healing session we always work to heal and resolve any stories that maybe effecting your life but that is not all that I do. I also bring in any lessons and virtues that you gained and are still trying to gain into this lifetime and integrated it on levels and layers and through all of your histories.

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Mystic Pam Jackson