Thetahealing® Basic DNA

We just finished up a new class and learned so much in this 3 day class. Many are amazed of what they not only learn but gain from this class. Everyone connected and supported each other in such amazing ways. It was very nice to be apart of and grateful to be a witness to it all.

In this class you learn how to do Intuitive Readings, Healings and Belief Work. You also begin to learn about the Seven Planes of Existence, and so much more.

I offer monthly Thetahealing classes for those who find their self on this amazing healing and transformational journey. If you want more information about my classes I offer a Free Phone Consultation.

8 Steps to Self-Forgiveness

In our journey to inner peace and healing, both guilt and forgiveness of self and others have a profound effect on this process.

Guilt is defined as a feeling of culpability especially for imagined offences or from a sense of inadequacy; a self-reproach; and forgiveness as the act of forgiving or the ceasing of feeling resentment against an offender. 

Guilt and lack of forgiveness of self and others burdens many people with the heavy weight of inappropriate shame and the destruction of deep-seated resentments.  

In recent years, much has been written about the destructiveness of repressed emotions and particularly anger and resentment in contributing to life-threatening illnesses. 

The belief that feeling any emotions means we are weak is a dreadful legacy to burden people with.  Teaching people that strength means not feeling or denying our feelings is tantamount to creating illness.  Beliefs such as ‘big boys don’t cry’ and ‘good girls don’t get angry’ has resulted in men and women who are unable to get in touch with what they actually feel.  Depression is thought to be caused by anger turned inward and is only one of the symptoms of the need to protect ourselves from the scorn associated with expressing feelings.  Many other illnesses and particularly the addictions are theorized to be expressions of a deep level of emotional pain. 

Why won’t we forgive? 

I believe it starts from our unwillingness to forgive ourselves.  We believe that we are undeserving of love, respect, acceptance, appreciation, and the right to live a life where we walk in peace, joy, harmony, and abundance.  Somewhere along the line, we started to believe that all the rules and regulations of the society in which we live defined who we were supposed to be.  We stopped trusting and believing in our own inherent worth and came to believe that we were ‘not good enough.’  Messages such as ‘you failed,’ or ‘you should’ became a litany for us to abuse ourselves with guilt.  I call it abuse because it is just as painful when we do it to ourselves as when others do it to us.  We became judge and jury and found ourselves guilty of our perceived offences.  When the primary caregivers such as parents, teachers, and other societal influences are unable to love themselves unconditionally, this ‘learned attitude’ is passed on to the next generation as shame to control behavior.   

This sense of shame differs from guilt in that guilt is about behavior.  Shame is deeper and more pervasive.  It is about your being and feelings of inferiority, inadequacy, being bad and unlovable become the conviction underlying your life.  Children grow up believing they are ‘not good enough’ and become the caregivers for the next generation.  And so, it goes, on and on.  I am not blaming the parents and caregivers here as we parent the way we were parented.  My own definition of maturity is that maturity is achieved when we can forgive our parents and other significant adults for being human. 

What Is Self-forgiveness? 

Self-forgiveness is the willingness to believe that you are worthy, that there are no mistakes rather, you are on the planet, or in Earth School (as some people call it) to learn about being human.  The opportunities to learn are just that – not mistakes – just opportunities to learn. 

Practical Steps to Self-forgiveness

1.  Examine how you perceived a certain situation and how you can chose to change your perception. Remember that the thoughts we think create the feelings, and it is our perception that creates our interpretations of the situation. 

2.  Accept yourself and your humanness – you are not supposed to be perfect. 

3.  Admit when you make a mistake. 

4.  Remember that everybody is doing the best they can with what they know, and that includes you. 

5.  Let go of past-future thinking, stay in the ‘Now.’ 

6.  Confront your emotional pain – own your own ‘stuff.’ 

7.  Appreciate the lessons that have contributed to your growth and made you who you are now. 

8.  Say ‘I forgive myself for ____________ (whatever).’ 

Mystic Pam Jackson


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5 Ways to Develop Your Intuition

Intuition is a tool that we all possess! Some believe it to be a mystical power. Others argue that it’s simply our subconscious trying to communicate with us. We all have that little voice that tries to tell us things from time to time, regardless of the source.

We often learn to ignore that little voice as we get older. We rely on logic and try to be practical. But we’ve learned a lot over the years, and there’s a part of our brain that has amassed a vast amount of knowledge. Listening to that little voice can be beneficial.

Try these techniques to develop your intuition:

1.      Meditate for a few minutes each day. One characteristic of intuition is that it has a soft voice most of the time. It can be challenging to notice it if our minds are busy with other things. Meditation is a great way to clear the mind and make room for our intuition to come shining through.

•        A simple technique to clear your mind is to simply count your breaths and attempt to stay focused on your breathing. Avoid letting your mind wander.

2.      Record your dreams. Our dreams can be full of useful information. Many psychologists believe that we work out our challenges in our sleep. It’s difficult for most of us to remember our dreams. Studies show that we average 5 dreams per night, and most of us are lucky to even remember one.

•        After you get in bed, tell yourself that you want to remember your dreams in the morning. Keep thinking this to yourself until you fall asleep.

•        Keep a notebook and pen near your bed. A voice recorder app on your phone can work well, too. As soon as you wake up, start writing. Dreams tend to fade from memory quickly.

•        Review your dreams and see if there might be any information you can use in your life.

3.      Follow your intuition. The surest way to shut down your intuition is to never follow it. Start using it in situations that have minor importance. It could be as simple as taking a walk and asking yourself which way you should turn at each intersection or fork in the road. 

•        Show your intuition that you’re listening and responding. You’ll be more likely to hear from it in the future.

4.      Busy your mind. Many people find that their best ideas come while their mind is busy, but not too busy. Some examples commonly cited include, walking, driving down the highway, taking a shower, and listening to the rain. Think about the times you’ve had great ideas. Try to put yourself in similar situations more frequently.

5.      Keep a journal. Take a few minutes each day to write in a journal. Sometimes, putting things down on paper opens a floodgate of ideas and inspiration. Study what you’ve written. You’re likely to find insights you haven’t considered.

•        Keep your journals in a safe place, so you’ll feel more comfortable with being honest and thorough.

Being in touch with your intuition can assist you in identifying and resolving stressful situations in your life. It also allows you to use your imagination and creativity. Your intuition is a valuable resource, but it must be nurtured. Begin with the simplest tasks. When your intuition has proven to be trustworthy, use it to make larger decisions.

Intuition connects us to our subconscious. It is the ultimate source of wisdom and creative energy for you. Utilize all of your resources to make life easier and richer.

Mystic Pam Jackson

A warrior who was betrayed.

I was working with a client when a past life came forward for us to review. We were talking about work and getting in trouble. Now he feels like he is starting to withdraw and even agonizing and over analyzing his choices and his fears. Then he said something interesting. He said that people are enemies and then he said that he always tells on his self and he does not understand why he just can’t lie to get along.

To me that did not sound like this lifetime but maybe another time and place. So, I asked him to touch either hand to the opposite forearm and ask where did this begin? He felt it was before the stories he was telling me as did I, but we continued digging on the belief that people being my enemies until we got to the bottom belief that people were better than him.

We cleared the negative energy around this topic and brought in some new feelings and I was doing this work a past life just kept popping up. Now I think it was time to dive into this past life that would not go away.

1e4426f7491c264daa8853847134a689In this past life he was a warrior, the theme of his story was loyalty and betrayal. He was fiercely loyal to this king, but the king betrayed him and his army. I saw a battlefield were many laid dead and as he stood there ready to fall on his sword, an act of honor, he thought about how he let his people down. He felt betrayed and he did not know who he could ever trust again. There was shame and guilt and it had not resolved yet.

I asked if this story could be healed for my client and I heard yes.

What I was picking up was that this was a long time ago. There were swords and not guns or rifles. I saw an Asian style helmet and I was picking up Genghis Khan era. I did not get the impression that he was affiliated with Genghis Khan but maybe meet his end by a tribe of Genghis Khan or from the Mongol Empire.

I heard that there were many raids and battles over territory during this time. Then I heard take no prisoners. I was shown that prisoners of war were either slaves or dead there where no jail systems at that time. People were killed if they were not needed.

We continued to clear limiting beliefs, emotions, and other blockages in resolving this inner conflict he was dealing with and I am please to report it did resolve itself and he was feeling a lot better about the whole situation. He felt good in how he had handled his self and how it played out. He was released from the belief that the people being his enemies.

In the end the warrior was given peace and forgiveness so this aspect of my client’s soul can now receive those lessons and virtues in order for him to find the resolve in knowing people can be kind and supportive.

If you are interested in an Intuitive Reading were your Akashic Records can become available to you please schedule an appointment I would love to discover your souls journey with you.


Past Lives are Coming Up to Clear!

This week in my readings a lot of past lives have popped up. I mean many past lives in one reading healing session. This is an example of an hour reading and healing session with a student this week.

PiratesThe first past life was a life as a pirate. Ah matey! I saw a young man, a captain of his own ship. He was labeled a private because of stealing from the rich but at the same time I saw he wanted to be apart of the majority but always felt he was being played by the elite so he would steal from them because of these feelings.

This did indeed resonate with my client from stealing to feeling like his is a minority, an outsider always looking in. This doesn’t mean he wants to be included with specific groups of people but more of the isolation of not being included and always feeling left out.


The next past life that came through was a time during the crusades. I saw a young boy, he was in torn clothing and barefoot, watching the men, the solders of the crusades matching past him on their beautiful horses. Then I continued to watch the story unfold I saw this young boy turn into a young man. He was not strong and seemed sickly and as I continued to watch I would discover this young man would die by the age of 21 never fulfilling his dream of being a part of the Crusades of Europe for Christ.

This also resonated with my client as his young life he has struggled with his health and even obtaining his dreams and goals.

rich-man-and-lazarusOur next past life was an old man, he look homeless as he worn torn and ragged cloths. But was he? This was a story similar to Howard Hughes. He was a man of wealth and riches but now he was old, alone and didn’t want anyone to know who he was. He was hording and hiding from his truth.

My client didn’t comment much on this story as he stayed silent as I proceeded to tell him the story as it unfolded. I do know he has worked on his abundance and the law of attraction so we brought in those lessons that was learned at that time into this life time and resolved that past life.

ku_klux_klanThen we went into a past life or maybe it was a genetic memory of a grandfather being associated with the evils of the Klan. It seemed it was in the 1960’s which was before his time but the story was graphic and horrific. As I shared this story I been to do a healing on our country as well as in our genetics. I was guided to do a healing the soul’s that was suffered the horrific events that I witnessed and I released the suffer of all from that story.

Due to the current times and nature of what is going on in our country we figured this very well was a genetic memory and did all the unconditional love healing that we were guided to do by the creator.

In all my readings and healing session we always work to heal and resolve any stories that maybe effecting your life but that is not all that I do. I also bring in any lessons and virtues that you gained and are still trying to gain into this lifetime and integrated it on levels and layers and through all of your histories.

Schedule your reading and healing session today!

Mystic Pam Jackson

Stop self-sabotage beliefs and patterns and heal your inner child.

I have always investigated ideas and programs to change limiting beliefs since I was very young. I used to wonder how our genetics and belief systems would play apart in our lives and our choices and even if we had free will.

My wound, my story began as a teenager. There were a lot of unkind and unsupportive choices that were made for me as a young woman. I was suddenly lost, alone and isolated. I felt ashamed and unworthy of life or love, so I stepped into a life of addiction and abuse that lasted for about 10 years. Then one day I stopped, all that craziness just stopped. I went to counseling and a year later I met my soul mate and he turned into my life partner. We had a family and 20 years went by.

But I still could not ever get past some major self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns and I just couldn’t figure out why? In those years I started and lost businesses and careers of all kinds, including a lot of money!

Well life is a journey and my kids were growing up and leaving home, my parents were dying, and I was starting to feel abandoned. alone and lost again but it was the grief that I could not shake this time.

There was no relief and a few months later I hit bottom emotional and I wanted to die, to end this life but I prayed instead, and I prayed for help, for guidance and for peace no matter what it looked like. Interesting how things show up but soon a metaphysical store opened in my community and before I knew it, I was drawn into some classes and workshops and then I was assisting and teaching others.

It was at one of these social events that I was attending when two ladies had partnered up to do past life readings and one of the ladies was a Thetahealer. My experience was amazing and when the Thetahealer offered her assistance and downloads. I felt my soul smiled for the first time in my life! My life changed almost instantly, and I found myself on a new path.

After that event in early 2012 I found a Thetahealer practitioner/instructor and scheduled a session for spiritual and emotional healing. In that session my bipolar was healed and I have not had any of the side effects of bi-polar since that session. It really has been amazing transformation!

Now I wanted to know more, I wanted to learn this program so in May 2012 I took thetahealing basic DNA class and in June I took the advanced DNA practitioner class. I began to practice and implement this meditation process in my daily life and into my healing practice.

I would continue working on my self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns, and I have used the digging process that thetahealing teaches us to find the bottom belief and to shift those beliefs. I continued to heal the rejection, and the isolation from my family. I have worked on my anger, my resentments and my regrets, I have cleared genetics and history beliefs in order to solve my self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors.

When I started working with the lessons and virtues of the laws is when things really started to turn around and my life really began to change. We learn about the 7 planes in thetahealing and the laws are in the 6 planes of existence. I then became an Instructor of thetahealing!

Thetahealing has helped me resolved Fear! I used to have this crazy fear of rats and I tried everything, every technique to resolve that fear but it was in a thetahealing class that the fear was finally resolved. When it comes to our health, disease and illness are usually very complicated, but I believe that thetahealing has healed me physical and my chronic kidney disease that I had been dealing with for more than 25 years. Today, I balance my body and hormones every day, week and month through my connection to the Creator.

I continue to work with other theta healers, and they have helped me through medical procedures, my own fears, limiting financial beliefs, self-sabotaging beliefs and so many other things.

It has been through thetahealing that I have finally found what I had been looking for all of my life to clear limiting beliefs, beliefs and patterns of our genetics and to clear past life karmic vows, oaths and contracts. I now have a connection to the creator which prior to me taking thetahealing classes I didn’t even know I believed in a creator, or a God.

Thetahealing has helped me heal emotionally! I honestly use to hate my life and because of thetahealing I have learned to love who I am, and what I have to offer, I have learned to listen to that inner voice, that quiet voice and I follow it with confidence that it is the right thing to do for me.

As I continued to clear limiting beliefs, patterns and programs, I was learning what it felt like to be loved, to be accepted and supported. I was learning through the creator of all that is, that I was worthy, and I deserved the life I only dreamed about and the self-sabotage began to shift and change. I was learning to set up boundaries and to believe in myself, my purpose and my mission in life and I stopped asking or needing anyone’s approval for me to be me. My inner child was beginning to heal and grow!

I have seen in my mind’s eye the inner child grows up and integrate into my clients, it is a lot of work, but it is a beautiful thing to be a witness too.

I love what I am doing, who I have become, and I love that I have created my most divine life using the thetahealing technique!

One of the things that I love doing are small group readings and clearings, they are fun and entertaining, and people heal. It is amazing to see people feel the creators touch for the first time even in group events.

Many of my clients find me because they realize they need spiritual and emotional healing from their  wounds to stop the cycle of self-sabotage. They see the unhealthy patterns of self-sabotage that they have created in their lives and they are ready for a change, but they don’t know how or why they do this.

My online sessions include readings, healings and downloads on the topic that my client wants to change, heal or transform. I try to help my clients clear about two or three topics in a session, but it depends on how the session flows, but I do move quickly, and a lot of information comes through in their session to help them to heal and resolve their topic.

In my private in-person session, it will include a scan as we talk, we will do some clearings and downloads before we move over to the healing table. Many of my clients love the healing work I do which includes me always being connect to the Creator of all that is and this makes their experience special and unique.

I have some downloads. Downloads is an energy, a feeling from the Creator, Source, God. If you would like these feelings just say yes and notice what you notice.

I know what it feels like to live free of self-sabotage.

I know how to live fearlessly and to be fearless in my life.

I know what if feels like to have wisdom and discernment as opportunities come into my life.

I know how to forgive myself and to accept forgiveness from others.

I know what it feels like to be supported in my choices.

I know it is safe and I deserve to feel love and supported in my life.

I know what it feels like to be wanted. 

I know what it feels like to receive love and that I deserve this love.

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