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Awakening the Intuition

Due to the strengthening of light within the physical plane, we now have a larger potential to hear Spirit’s voice communicating within our hearts and minds. As a result, even individuals who have strayed far from a spiritual path can now return with greater ease than ever before. All you need is a desire to go back and give time and attention to the voice of inner knowing that you may have been denied previously.

Intuition is the term for this inner understanding. It happens in quiet, in the presence of inspiration that comes from a higher plane, and it is frequently accomplished by asking and waiting. Though certain intuitive perceptions are largely centered on the human level, such as knowing someone so well that we can predict how they will react to something or what they will do, the type of intuition that is referred to as “higher intuition” originates from a different source. It is the voice of understanding that translates messages from the soul’s level of truth, light, and wisdom.

Between human intuition and higher intuition, there doesn’t have to be much of a distinction. Yet, for many, a big gap still exists — a space that makes it more difficult to hear the words being whispered to and from the soul. Mind and heart must be willing to bridge this gap, and there must be at least a beginning of trust in one’s ability to ‘know.’

It is not necessary to teach intuition; rather, it must be permitted. It’s a potential that’s always been dormant within us, waiting for us to awaken it, like a flower awakening to the sun. We can begin with a simple desire to ‘know’ more about truth, light, and wisdom as it relates to our own lives and the lives of those we care about. We might begin to pray for the removal of any impediments to our understanding or awareness of what this reality might be.

When a desire to connect with greater truth is combined with a willingness to receive and pay attention to what has been heard or sensed, the door to inner knowing opens. There are those who ‘know’ things yet refuse to believe what their instincts tell them. They dismiss and invalidate what they feel or believe. This choice begins to close the doors to higher awareness by giving more strength to fear: fear of being wrong, fear of being different, fear of having to modify one’s life in response to what is heard. We need to be willing to hear and know in order to open the doors to intuition and keep them open.

Trust is a difficult concept to grasp because it frequently necessitates a reevaluation of how we have conducted our lives. It’s possible that life has forced us to be more practical, to concentrate on the day-to-day tasks of living and providing for others. It’s also possible that we’ve made mistakes in the past when it comes to deciding someone or what to trust. It’s also possible that we’ve forgotten about our capacity to feel, sense, and be more receptive to life on all levels. Trust entails more than just a desire to accept something from a higher plane of existence. It also necessitates a willingness to trust in our own ability to flow with life and modify what is required.

Many people have a lot of knowledge but are reluctant to admit it since they don’t know where it will lead them. This fear must be released in order to open the way to greater intuition and perceptions of light and truth.

It is especially crucial today, when there are so many major crises confronting us as a collective humanity, and so many choices that can have a tremendous impact on all of humanity, that we restore our ability to know and trust, which leads to intuition. To do otherwise puts us in the hazardous situation of not knowing what or who to believe, and not knowing which path to take in terms of improving the world and alleviating the great suffering that now exists. We live at the mercy of public opinion rather than in the presence of truth because we lack access to our deeper intuitive sense.

It is now critical for us to open to the light that is there in order to engage more completely in the collective life of mankind, as well as in the circumstances of our individual lives, for reasons that are both personal and simply part of being human. It’s time to let our inner senses awaken and transform us into the light-filled beings we are. The moment we live in demands it of us, and our emotions demand it of every one of us so that we might begin to overcome the difficulties and challenges that lie ahead of us.

We can start with a prayer or meditation, then move on to a moment of stillness and emptiness in which we don’t know what we’re doing and wait to be taught; we can prepare ourselves to be vessels of truth and light. The acknowledgment of intuition’s gifts may not happen right away, but it will, and all of existence rejoices when someone who has wandered from the road of knowing their Divine nature returns.

Copywriter Pamela Jackson 2022, All Rights Reserved.

Meditation, Prayer & Ascension

What is a Kundalini Awakening?

kundaliniOn my spiritual and emotional healing journey I have heard of the Kundalini awakening. I and I believe many people assume it is only about our sexual energy awakening but my guides tell me it is much more than that and has asked me to write and research this topic of the Kundalini awakening.

The Kundalini awakening is actual a spiritual term that people who practice yoga and meditation have experienced and has brought into our awareness. It is one of a spontaneous spiritual awakening that people may experience.

It is described as a snake coiled up at the root chakra or the tail bone that uncoils and this energy will begin to move up your spinal column. It arises to open up your chakras and activate the energy field of your body. This energy then pushes out the cellular memory that no longer vibrates of the awakening within.

I have personal witnessed a Kundalini awakening in a Reiki attunement I was giving to one of my students. The energy was surging through her body and as it was she began to move and become fluid right before my eyes. At the time I didn’t know what was happening to her but I knew her spiritual journey was about to take a shift in her life. As I witnessed this awakening I held a sacred spot for her to experience the awakening within her body. It was truly a beautiful experience to witness.

Not all of us will have an experience like this because there are many ways for this awakening to happen. This awakening will happen to us all but we will all have a different experience based on who we are and where we are in our journey.

Whenever we begin this spiritual awakening through the Kundalini or an attunement you may experience what we call a spiritual flu or flu like symptoms. This happens when there are tons of stuff that is shifting within in a very short period of time. There is a massive shift in our energy as old programs, patterns and beliefs are shifting out and new ones come in our bodies and we may experience physical symptoms such as flu like symptoms.

This spiritual awakening we call the Kundalini is about opening and clearing our Chakras, the energy centers of our physical body. It is a healing of shut down and/or blocked chakras which could have happened to us in our lives through some sort of abuse whether emotional or physical. As this energy moves up through our spine it begins to heal and push out energy that no longer serves us in our highest and best on this spiritual journey we are on.

There are many symptoms reported from a spiritual awakening or a shift in our awakening whether it is a kundalini awakening or another name, label or belief out there that we have given it. Here is a list of some of these symptoms that may be experienced in this awakening.

  • Involuntary jerk, tremors, shaking, itching, tingling and crawling sensations especially in the arms and legs. (This is what I have witnessed in my Reiki students)
  • There is intense heat or cold sensations in the chakras.
  • There is a rush of energy or a feeling of electricity circulating in the body
  • There has been reports of visions, sounds.
  • Sexual energy leading to a state of whole body orgasm. (This is where the belief that the kundalini awakening is a sexual awakening)
  • Emotional ups and downs, unwanted or repressed feelings or thoughts become dominant in your conscious mind. (This happens as to bring to the front your hidden beliefs to be healed and released)
  • You may experience pressure and/or pain in your skull. Energy swirling around your third eye area.
  • Increase blood pressure or irregular heart-beat. (Please if this happens get it checked by a physician it actual could be a serious problem. I have witnessed many healers believing they are having a spiritual experience when in fact they were really suffering from a serious and complicated disease and some have lost their lives because of it)
  • Emotional numbness, antisocial tendencies, mood swings with periods of depression or mania. (Again please verify this with a physician that there is nothing serious for you to be concerned about)
  • Pain in different parts of your body, especially the back and neck. Sensitivity to light, sound and touch.
  • Trancelike and altered states of consciousness, periods of insomnia or oversleeping.
  • Loss of appetite or overeating. (Many will gain weight as a form of trying to anchor themselves)
  • A feeling of bliss, of infinite love and a universal connection.

As you see the kundalini awakening and the symptoms are like many other spiritual awakening symptoms. This is why I said not all will have this type of awakening as there are many ways you may experience this spiritual awakening many have experienced and many more are about to experience.

I believe that the most important thing is not to compare your experience with others. Your spiritual journey is unique to you. It is unique to you because no one has walked your life or had your experiences in this life. Another thing is not to be afraid of this process because it is a journey and the process of healing aspects of ourselves as we evolve and grow.

I have had many of these experiences and all at different times in my journey. As I remove layer after layer of conditioning, beliefs, programs, patterns that has been passed down to me I know I may experience one or more of these symptoms above at any time. What I have learned is not to fight it and to honor these feelings and emotions and as I do they heal and I finally feel whole and at peace for the first time in my life.

Mystic Pam Jackson