Akashic Soul Records

A Soul Review of a Caged Woman

Recently  I worked with a woman who has been on the energy healing train for a while. She had used and integrated many modalities into her life and she is still has a lot of stuck energy so she called me and asked if there was something in her records that would help her to clear this out.

As she was talking I began to get images of her in another life time. I was seeing that she was a young woman and she was in a cage. There was a man standing over her and he seemed to be her father and a very devote christian. A man so devote he could not even own his own sexual dysfunction and blamed the women around him for his cravings and desires. There was a woman there also but she was standing behind him and very intimidated by him, she seemed to be her mother.

As I watched in horror of this man casting stones, blaming and treating this woman as an animal and telling her she was evil because she stirred emotions up in him. She was in a cage the whole time, it was almost like a dog cage that he had her in. As the story unfolded she eventually was sold and from there she was sent to another country and used as a sex slave.

This all rang true to her, she felt caged, men blamed her and she was trying to heal and move past this.

I asked our creator if this could be changed? I heard yes and then I began to witness the story changing. The new story is that she was released from her cage and she was able to stand up, stand in her power and not back down to this man. I also say the other woman, her mother, also move and stand beside her.

Changing the story, not the lesson.

They told him to leave and never to come back, that he was wrong and it was him not them that was the problem. Because of this shift and she was released from her cage, she was also freed from the sex slavery and bondage she had experienced previously.

Her message was to stand tall and to plant her feet firmly into the ground. To work on her lower Chakra, the sacral which holds the energy of relationships with parents and others. It also is the area where we may experience lack in money and abundance. This is all tied together. To heal her lower Chakra is to do a quiet meditation, no stimulation or guided meditation. Through this process she will feel more in her body, more centered and even more alive.

Another message that came through for her was that her hypersensitivity is a gift and to embrace it. Once she embraces this gift her other gifts and purpose will unfold.

Copywriter Pamela Jackson 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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