New Predictions for 2022

Here are some land predictions for the United States.  Missouri, I see a large tornado in the lower southwestern part of the state.  Chicago, I heard Burn Baby Burn. I am seeing riots. New York, I heard crumbles, shambles, and riots.  Tennessee, I heard a gun. I hear it was an accidental shooting, but was … Continue reading New Predictions for 2022

It’s only a reflection?

Have you heard that everyone and everything is a mirror or a reflection for you?

A Genetic Memory Can Spring Up Anywhere

A Genetic Memory can spring up anywhere and this is how I discovered a genetic memory while on vacation. We went on a cruise for our anniversary and on one of our stops was a Caribbean Island. It was a Beautiful place but I hated it! I had no explanation for my anger but it … Continue reading A Genetic Memory Can Spring Up Anywhere