Happy Holidays

This time of year can be hard on many people for many reasons, so remember….

That the world can be a difficult place to navigate at times, and we all need support and love from those around us. Receiving support and love from family, friends, and even strangers can have a huge impact on our mental and physical health. 

When we receive support and love from those around us, it can help us feel safe and secure. It can give us the strength to face difficult situations and remind us that we are never alone. Knowing that someone is there for us, even if it’s just to listen, can be incredibly comforting. 

Support and love can also help us to build relationships and trust with those around us. Knowing that someone is there to have our back can make us feel more confident in ourselves and our decisions. It can give us the motivation to continue following our dreams, even when times are tough.

Receiving support and love can also be beneficial for our physical health. Studies have found that the support of those around us can help reduce stress and anxiety, which can have a positive effect on our overall health. 

Finally, receiving support and love can help us to appreciate the world around us. It can remind us of our worth, and that we are capable of achieving great things. 

Receiving support and love is an essential part of life. It gives us strength and courage in difficult times, and it helps us to build relationships and trust with those around us. So, if you’re feeling a bit down, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for a bit of support. You’ll be surprised at how much it can help.

Mystic Pam Jackson is a Spiritual Coach helping clients to find their true purpose and achieve personal growth. With a unique combination of intuition, life coaching, and energy healing, Pam provides the tools and guidance to help clients unlock their highest potential and find inner peace. Let Pam help you find your path and live the life of your dreams.

7 Steps to Connect with Your Angel Guides

Angels are truly all-encompassing. According to the Pew Research Center, 72 percent of Americans believe in angels. Because angels are central to the majority of the world’s major religions, this is a much higher percentage than the percentage of Americans who believe in any world religion. They can be found in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Mormonism, and a variety of other religious traditions.

“Make friends with angels,” said St. Augustine, an authority on angels. He advised us to form personal relationships with angels and to allow those relationships to deepen, just as we would with any important, intimate relationship. 

One of our most powerful spiritual practices is to ask an angel for assistance. We can request immediate assistance from the angels at any time and in any location. Here are a few techniques that will assist you:

1) Request assistance – Angels are available to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The more open we are, the more assistance they can provide. When you reduce your receptivity, you limit the angels’ ability to assist you. Create your own invocations, or prayers, that specifically request the assistance you require. Recognize that when you summon an angel, you actually open yourself up to greater receptivity to their assistance.

When requesting assistance, it is critical to recognize that you are fully deserving of angelic assistance. Angels work with everyone, regardless of their personal histories or religious beliefs. Angels are infinite and omnipresent; your request has no effect on their ability to help the rest of us at the same time. They exist outside of time and space and respond to everyone with complete unconditional love.

2) Call on the angels for assistance as you connect with your inner divine child. Your inner divine child is whole, innocent, and true, and he or she recognizes angels as trustworthy Creator gifts. This will aid in the development of openness, receptivity, excitement, eagerness, and wonder as you prepare to receive the gift that your angels have prepared for you. 

3) When you ask the angels for help, give them everything: every issue, problem, worry, and fear, as well as every good intention and positive outcome you envision as a result of your request. Let go of any expectations about how your request will be handled.

4) Show your appreciation and gratitude. Discover and express genuine appreciation and gratitude for things as they are. If you are having difficulty with this, ask the angels to assist you in finding the love that is present in whatever difficulty you are experiencing. Allow yourself to be patient and let go of any expectations about how this love will be revealed to you. 

5) Recognize that it has been completed. Every request is met, and assistance is always provided. If you are concerned that your request will go unanswered, ask for clarification. You can be confident that you will see the love in every answered prayer. The angels know you completely and love you unconditionally, and nothing that will benefit you is ever withheld from you.

6) React quickly to the advice you receive. Accept the opportunity and act on it right away. Angelic assistance is infinite and limitless; you will never run out of it. You cannot ask for “too much,” and the angels are overjoyed to give you unlimited amounts. The sooner you act, the sooner you will receive assistance!

7) Appreciate yourself exactly as you are in the present moment. Leave any negative feelings or critical judgments about yourself, your life, or others in the hands of the angels for healing. Let go of everything that isn’t love for yourself and everything around you, even if it’s just for a few moments. The angels can do much more for you in this moment of surrender than you can on your own. Thank you for deepening your relationship with yourself and the angels.

This article should have given you some helpful steps for connecting more deeply with your Angels for help and assistance. Remember that Angels will be by your side every step of the way today. Angels are always present and eager to assist us.

Mystic Pam Jackson

What is the Shadow Side?

To become conscious of ego-personality involves recognizing the dark aspect of the personality as present and real. This act is an essential condition for self-knowledge, and it is often met with considerable resistance. These shadows are repressed elements of the personality which we choose not to be identified with.

Shadows lurk in the deep recesses of the psyche. It is buried in the heart, in the mind; it is part of us. It follows us, it frightens us, and they come to us in different ways, but they always appear somewhere. The shadow is not a mere concept or a matter of perception. It is very real.     

There is light, and there is darkness. It is impossible to dismiss the shadow element. It is usually a person’s worst trait. A brave person may have a cowardly shadow. Behind all that softness, the kind, gentle, and caring person may have a cruel side. Even among the most benevolent, respected personalities and leaders in any field or endeavor, a shadow element can be seen through their eloquence and elegance. Do they truly understand themselves, or have they denied their shadow side? They may find that their beliefs, words, and actions are at odds. This is not on purpose, and the internal shadow conflicts they fail to address emerge at the worst possible times.     

Is it possible to avoid or ignore the shadow? Shadows haunt us when we are at our lowest point in life. It is that part of ourselves that we hide in order to present our best selves in public. They will not go away if you hide them, deny them, or suppress them. In other ways, our actions may end up attracting these shadows into our lives.     

Do shadows have an effect on our lives? Do they have any significance? Shadows can take many forms. Temptations, obsessions, addictions, co-dependency, and other forms of indulgence can all appear. Shadows emerge from the darkness, cloaked in fear, and shake us to our core. Shadows can also be represented as projections. It can be an unjustified and unexplainable dislike of certain characteristics in people. We don’t like what we see; perhaps it reflects aspects of ourselves that we choose to ignore or are unaware of.      

Are you at ease with your friends? If not, consider why you hang out with them. Do you pass harsh judgment on them? If that’s the case, why do you waste your valuable time with them? Do you have a habit of making a compromise that you cannot meet? What about when you become enraged at the slightest provocation, sometimes from the same person? Sometimes we look for our shadows in the faces of others. They even find their way into our lives. These shadows, buried deep, may drive us to places we do not dare to go.      

Pundits argue that denying the shadow element is risky. They believe that confronting it, dealing with it, and working through the conflicts it causes is the only way forward. 

Each person must deal with and confront their personal demons; otherwise, they will follow us in less conscious ways. The shadow element teaches us something. We must delve deeper into ourselves to become aware of it. We can take what is good. Work with the bad, see the light, and face the darkness fearlessly. Go deep within; allow your fears and insecurities to be buried deep beneath the surface. Face the rage that is bubbling beneath the skin.    

We are not without flaws. Light will surely come, no matter how many dark clouds hover above us or how long the dark night lasts. These dark nights provide an opportunity to enrich and nourish our spirit, soul, and lives. It assists us in aligning with our highest purpose. We generate more personal power and strength by striving for greater balance, endurance, and perspective.

Are you ready to work on your shadow side, your inner child? This is my speciality and I absolutely love helping people heal their traumas and bring balance into their ego. It is amazing to see my clients transform all areas of their lives just by healing and resolving the shadow side and their inner child. I offer 1:1 online sessions that offer amazing and transformational results. Schedule a session today or a Free Consultation.

Mystic Pam Jackson