The Galactic Records


I noticed in 2018 I was off my game a bit, then I saw one of my previous reiki students offering a sound healing group meetup in August so I decided to go. We have worked together before and I usually have wonderful downloads and clarity when we work together either privately or in groups. I went to this sound healing event with a very specific intent, I always use intent when I attend spiritual events such as this. My intent was to ask to meet my new spirit guide. I had felt Metatron and Thoth had left but I was told that day I didn’t need a new spiritual guide at this time and that I was my own guide for now. I giggled at the thought but said okay and went on about my days.

Intent is Everything!

It was in December that I first heard that it was time for me to move into the Galactic Records. That I have done the work in the Akashic Records and in the group consciousness on this level that needed to be done. I have served humanity on this planet and now it was time for me to move into the Galactic Records.

Well of course my first plan of action was to google it and I really couldn’t and haven’t find anything since on the internet that comes close to want I just heard and seen in my minds eye. So I dropped it and moved on.

galaticbeingsNow that we are 24 days into January, I have meet this new Galactic Being that has been referred to me as my future self. She is tall, elegant and knowledgeable, she moves or rather seems to float in and out of spaces. She is alien like as she seems to have no hair anywhere on her body. She wears a long robe and she is bright in color (not blue as the image I have posted). This is the best way I can describe her at the moment.

Changes are coming!

I see her coming into my space, I have seen her integrate into me as she brings me her strength, wisdom and knowledge. She seems to be with me always. I can just think of her and I know I am her and she is me, we are one.

I can’t even image what my life will look like in 2019 but I know it is going to be interesting as my spiritual journey now continues into the Galactic Records. I look forward to writing and sharing this journey with all of you as we discover these records together. Many Blessings to you all.


My #metoo

Her voice is finally being heard!

I had this amazing vision in 2014 and in that vision, I saw women coming together, I saw all the women throw their head back and let out their cry and that they were heard, they were supported, and it is time. I was in the middle of these women and then I joined them, and I was finally listened too as I also let out my cry.

I was 19 years old when I met him. I never been in love and I know I was not in love with him either, but I was interested in learning more about this taboo relationship, so I stepped into it and learned a lifetime of lessons. The relationship was very abusive both verbally and physically. I remember being thrown around like a little rag doll by this hunky muscular man. I was with him for almost two years before I escaped that life and lifestyle. That is not the story I am here to tell, I am here to tell you about #metoo.

I remember waking up one night, lying in bed next to my boyfriend and feeling strange. I felt like I had a sexual dream or something. I rolled over and went back to sleep.

This happened to me more than a few times until one night I saw something. I saw a shadow along the dark bedroom floor slithering out of my bedroom and closing the door behind them. What happened? What was that? I had this strange feeling come over me like I had been violated. I was confused because it couldn’t be, no it just could not be happening to me.

I just didn’t know what to do or say. I was lost in my own confusion. I stayed quiet until I finally realized what was happening to me and who was doing it.

My boyfriend, the man I was sleeping with every night, it was his brother that was sneaking into our bedroom at night and sexual assaulting me.

Now what? What to do? What the fuck? Well it wasn’t long after I figured it out what was taking place and the violation to me and my body that was taking place that I told.


Yes, I told the brother I was sleeping with that his brother was sneaking into our bedroom at night and sexually assaulting me, he was fondling me in my sleep. He was fucking finger fucking me while I slept!

I was horrified!

What happened next has been marked in my memory forever because those two brothers started fighting and tearing up all the furniture in every single room of the apartment and even continued outside what seemed like forever.

The sexual predator did physically threaten me at one point with a baseball bat, but I stood my ground and told him he would never assault me again and he never did.

He did end up in prison for 25 years for sexual assault and is now out and free but this is not about him either. This story is about a young woman just beginning her adult life and her life of dealing with sexual assault and mistreatment by men for most of her life.

I have lost jobs because of retaliation from men when I would report their misbehaviors, but I always stood my ground and if I lost a job or a man well I always felt it was time to move on anyway. This probably comes from a generation of don’t make waves, but the time has finally come to change all those old outdated beliefs.

To our men, just know we know you care about us and don’t know what to say or do but I can tell you that we do need to feel loved and supported now because this movement of #metoo and other events of the past year has been bringing up a lot of our pasts that many of us have tried to put behind us.

We ask that you hold space for us as we find our way and our voice which will allow healing to occur.

Pamela Jackson


Discovering our virtues through the patterns in our lives.

To change a pattern is to discover the virtues you are gaining and learning from these experiences.

It is very clear to me I have been gaining the virtues of “Altruism” and “Benevolence” and even more so since the very beginning of 2017; now that I understand that and I am clear on this pattern I can use the Thetahealing® technique to heal and resolve this for me through the creator of all that is and to be a witness as it is done so.

The opposite of altruism is meanness and the opposite of benevolence is meanness, harshness and cruelty. I have dealt with this in all aspects of all my relationships this year and most of my life.

Altruism is the concern for other people. It is a traditional virtue and a core aspect of many religions. It is also defined as someone preforming an action at a cost to themselves and that the benefits are for a third-party individual without compensation or expectation of reciprocity for their action.

As I review the above definition I can see how this is my virtue and has been one of my stories in this lifetime. Things and choices where made when I was 16-18 years old that I never could change and even back then I saw this as a form of altruism but didn’t understand how to resolve it in my life journey. I knew my choices was for the betterment of another even though I suffered and then I stepped into self-punishment soon after for the next 10 years because of that choice and no reward for my actions and choices to put another’s life before mine.

How do I know it is a virtue of altruism? Then and now I choose to stand back for their best, for their welfare and peace but not mine. I am willing to be in emotional and even physical pain of and to suffer for them so that they can have enhancement their life.

Benevolence is an act of kindness, a generous gift. I have seen both, been exposed to both sides of the coin of this virtue. I have had so much meanness, cruelty and harness sent my way the first half of this year. The more I began to set up boundaries the more of this came at me until I became angry at the treatment I was receiving and I stopped it and walked away. Then more of it came at me and I listened to this with benevolence and it touched me and my heart.

Yes, it hurt, it hurt very badly but I took the road of altruism because that seems to be the virtue I am and having been working on gaining. Honestly, I feel I have mastered this virtue and have gain a new energetic perspective on my suffering,

I no longer want to have these negative experiences of the opposites of these two virtues, I am willing to heal and resolve these lessons, so that the lessons can evolve and integrate these virtues into my being into my soul. It was only a couple of weeks ago I ask the creator to download me with the virtue of kindness and wonder and I heard I needed both so it was given to me and a lot of it is what I was told.

I am lucky to have had someone who has shown me and offered me kindness throughout the past 30 years even though at times I didn’t feel as if I deserved it or even wanted it but it was always there for me to have, to feel and to experience. Now that I asked for the virtue of kindness and it was given to me I can now see these two virtues that was not in my awareness until now.

This is what it means to go into the layers of our healing and why we have layers to heal. The wounds are deep and from a very long ago and we have since brought in many people and circumstances to reconfirm and reinforce these layers that we are here to heal which allows us to grow spirituality.

Now that I am aware of the lessons, these virtues my soul has been working so hard for me to obtain I can heal, resolve and integrate on all levels throughout all time and space. Within in days I will begin to see a shift of attitudes in others and myself, I will notice people shifting in and out of my life as things begin to rearrange in my life. I will watch and witness this in awe and wonder as my life because more of what I want and less of what I do not want.

Mystic Pam Jackson.

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